Chapter 116

Chapter 116: His elbows shouldn’t stretch outwards 

The wronged messenger went back to the hall, approached Elder Yang and whispered to him.

Listening to his report, Elder Yang did not only get angry but chuckled as well.

All right….

This one’s got the personality.

This little lass’s got a temper, he likes it!

He suddenly understood why Di Jue Chen would be so fond of her.

His eyes were full of laughter. He even reached out to stroke his beard….

“Elder, where is she?” Seeing no Feng Chuge showing up, He Lian Jin Yu inserted.

Elder Yang narrowed his eyes and intended to stand up for Feng Chuge to the end.

Regardless of Di Jue Chen and the dean’s special order, Feng Chuge has already become a member of their college. He shouldn’t let outsiders smear her!

His elbows shouldn’t stretch outwards, right? ~~~

“She’s not feeling well. She’s turned in for the night. She’s not coming.”

“But Elder, Miss Murong…”

Shutting him off by coming forward, Elder Yang took Murong Qing’s wrist and probed.

Elder Yang was originally a senior refining pharmacist. Because of this status, he stood firm in Yuntian College.

He explored the toxins in Murong Qing, and his eyes brightened with surprise.

This poison… It clearly was an improved version of the original!!

As for what the original poison was, if he’s accurate, it should be the dispersion poison!

“This poison… this poison is really from Feng Chuge?” Elder Yang’s astute eyes sparkled with a hazy glitter.

Murong Qing nodde weakly. Recalling what Feng Chuge has said, she added, “Yes….and… it was refined by her. Even if you know medicine…”

“Hahahaha – ” Elder Yang burst into laughter.

If that was the case, that Feng Chu sure is a refining pharmacist!!

There are so many students in the college now, but there has never been a pharmacist.

All right!!

He was now a senior refiner and considering his old age, he has always worried on who to pass his craft!

Right now… isn’t there a good candidate?

Elder Yang’s laughter caused the few people were dumbfounded.

Sensing their disbelief, Elder Yang immediately stifled his joy, “I have some pills here. You will feel better after taking it.”

“Really?” Murong Qing was elated.

“Yes.” Elder Yang took out a porcelain bottle from his sleeves. “You should take three capsules a day and you’ll ease the pain as it is now.”

Murong Qing reached out and took the porcelain bottle and immediately opened the bottle and took one.

“Thank you, elder! Thank you, elder!”

Elder Yang yawned and waved his hand. “Well, it’s already late. Let’s go to rest first. The things with Feng Chuge, we will deal with it.”

Getting a hand at the medicine, Murong Qing dared not say anything more in fear of revealing too much.

After all, it was her who first poisoned Feng Chuge.

After taking the pill, Murong Qing felt better spiritually.

She got up and pulled He Lian Jin Yu and led the other two men out. “Let’s all go back to rest.”

He Lian Jin Yu was still indignant, “But Feng Chuge…”

“Since I have the cure, I will not pursue her. If I pursue this matter, I might get in a bigger trouble.” Murong Qing’s eyes welled up in tears.

This further convinced the men around her that she was a kind girl who is considerate to others!”

In contrast, Feng Chuge’s image has upped another level of viciousness.

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