TOCH – Chapter 319

Chapter 319: Go find yourself a woman if you have the guts

Luo Yibei’s forehead creased, but didn’t push her away.

Feeling the deep mark she had left, Fang Chixia loosened his lip in satisfaction.

“Let’s go!” She turned breezily and continued on the way back to the golf course.

  Luo Yibei stood in the same place, quietly watching her back. His fingertips stroked the place where her lips were at when she bit him without any anger. Instead, his lips arched in amusement.

They sauntered back to the resting area where Tong Yan and Qing Muchen happened to be resting.

Seeing the two coming back together, Qing Muchen regarded their lips which were equally hurt and quipped, “Hey, so you left to do something else?”

“It seemed intense!” Tong Yan chirped in.

There was a crack on Fang Chixia’s lip. The same was true with Luo Yibei. The both of them were sporting swollen lips, except that Luo Yibei looked more demonic.

Fang Chixia was mortified and fought hard to maintain her cool.

“Find yourself a woman if you have the guts!” Totally unruffled, Luo Yibei rejoined before walking past Qing Muchen straight to the venue.

“Yan Yan, let’s go and play, too!” Fang Chixia pulled Tong Yan up and dragged her.

She was an amateur so naturally, Tong Yan took the task of coaching her.

As girlfriends, they have always been close.

Betweent the girls, their movements were all synchronized, as if they have often done the same thing.

However, to a spectator like Luo Yibei, they were thorns to his eyes.

“Let me do it.” Taking a few steps forward, he replaced Tong Yan behind Fang Chixia.

Tong Yan was lost for words, but couldn’t come up with a rebuff.

Standing a distance away from the two, she contemplated quietly.

As a friend who has known Luo Yibei for so many years, she sure knew Luo Yibei’s character.

He is too cold. Even his mother, Sha Zhixing sometimes complained about him, that he was too impatient and difficult to get close to.

What Tong Yan feared the most was the beating Fang Chixia might experience for accidentally pissing him off. For example, doing something out of his standards like hitting the ball too far ….

With Luo Yibei’s character, a simple matter like that might directly stoke his anger.

However, standing next to her for a while, today’s Luo Yibei was rather exemplary, patiently directing her from beginning to end.

Fang Chixia herself was a fast learner. After a few pointers from Luo Yibie, she got into the game quickly and her hits were pretty up to standards.

After a few swings, the ball could go directly into the hole!

Luo Yibei seemed somewhat proud of her as there was an unmistakable smile seeping through the corners of his lips.

“Luo Yibei, go have fun by yourself. I can do it now on my own.” With their bodies closely attached to each other and his deliberate fondling, Fang Chixia was getting flustered by the minute. She elbowed him to push him back.

“Isn’t this having fun too?” Luo Yibei drawled, fixing his arms on top of hers, surrounding her completely, and swinging the club with her.

Fang Chixia was struck dumb and instantly stiffened.

What kind of fun was this?

Was he flirting openly?

Where would Luo Yibei have the mood to expound further. He held her hands again and joyfully swung for another hit.

When he did so, he blatantly rub his abdomen behind her and caress her hands shamelessly.

Fang Chixia could feel the fire burning behind her and pushed him back uneasily.




4 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 319”

  1. Yibei is so crude. Despite his good lucks and manners, he really does not know how to pamper a woman.He’s trying , But I don’t know what he will do next to break the cycle of positive things he has done.


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