Chapter 115

Chapter 115: She won’t live long to make trouble

“She is poisoned you?” He Lian Jin Yu asked with some doubts.

In his heart, Feng Chuge indeed was a poisonous woman.

But she had no conflict with Murong Qing so she had no reason to do so.

Seeing the doubt in He Lian Jin Yu’s face, Murong Qing cried pitifully….

“I went to her to congratulate her and asked a few words about her relationship with Di Jue Chen…..And also…. Her collusion with Feng Yuanhang during the test. She… She…” Murong Qing sniffed as tears run down her face, “She was afraid I would blurt out these facts to others, so….”

“What’s going on? How did this happen?” The two men who lost during the screening and stayed next to He Lian Jin Yu were also awakened by the commotion outside and came out to see. Hearing Murong Qing’s clamor, they were upset.

They never doubted Murong Qing, as she has always been docile and kind woman in their eyes.

One of them, who happened to know a little bit about medicine, diagnosed her and his face changed colors.

“Miss Murong is seriously poisoned!! And it’s a poison I’ve never heard of before.”

His remarks convinced He Lian Jin Yu, who was still suspicious.

“Let’s go ask Elder Yang for justice!!’


In the big hall, Elder Yang entered wearily.

Deep into the night, he was sleeping soundly, but someone had to call him out. At first glance, it turned out to be those who failed.

Elder Yang was displeased, but he kept his temper restrained. “What happened?”

When Murong Qing saw the arrival of Elder Yang, she fell to the ground and cried out the evil deeds of Feng Chuge.

Listening to her tirade, all drowsiness that was nagging Elder Yang were wiped out in an instant.

Feng Chuge….

Wasn’t she the genius of the day? Wasn’t she the woman Di Jue Chen has ordered to take good care of?

Murong Qing was indeed too weak, plus these people were jointly asking for justice, so Elder Yan had to send someone to fetch Feng Chuge.

In the room, Feng Chuge gradually fell asleep but was awakened by the sudden knocking on the door.

“I’m sorry to bother you, Miss, but there’s something really serious right now, so please come with me.”

Feng Chuge opened her eyes, “What else is going on so late?”

“This… A few people who participated in the test with the Miss Feng in the daytime seemed to have met an accident.”

When Feng Chuge heard that, she knew that Murong Qing had already made trouble.

She still closed her eyes, turned over, and took a comfortable posture, “Not going!”

The messenger apparently didn’t expecct Feng Chuge to refuse so thoroughly,” Miss Feng, it was Elder yang who asked me to call you.”

“No matter who it is, not going.”

The man outside was suddenly faced with a dilemma and didn’t expect the person he had to escort to stay put inside.

He wanted to say asked again, but was keenly aware of the even breathing coming from the room.

Hence, he couldn’t make noise again and went back to the hall.

In the room, the maids felt messenger drifting away. Zilan asked, “Miss, are you really not going to go? That Murong Qing will definitely add oil and vinegar to sprinkle things all over Miss.”

“Don’t worry… She won’t live long to make trouble again.” Feng Chuge opened her eyes, but the bottom of her eyes were glittering coldly. “The poison I’ve configured will kill her unless there’s a refining pharmacist better than me to solve it. But as of the moment, it seems there’s no such person across the continent.”

With all that said, she addressed the three accompanied by a gentle smile, “Sleep, don’t worry about these troubles deep into the night. Delaying our beauty rest isn’t good….”

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