TOCH – Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Rough punishment

Whatever the issue, everything should be spelled out for a harmonious marital life.

At the very least, it won’t cause her unnecessary trouble.

With his back rigidly to her, Fang Chixia couldn’t tell what his expression was, but his indifference faded a bit.

Fang Chixia paid close attention to his reaction and added, “Nothing really happened.”

Luo Yibei swung around swept a look over her face down to her cherry lips and traced back a step. He gathered her around the waist, bent over and immediately stole her lips.

Luo Yibei plundered and even accompanied it with bites.

His punishing kisses were rough, tearing as he sucked. Her lips almost cracked and swelled in a minute.

“Luo Yibei, what are you doing?”

“It hurts!”

“Bastard, lighter, it hurts!”

Fang Chixia howled as he ducked to dodge him. She raised a hand and a fistful punch landed on his chest. Her arms went around to his back and hammered wrathfully.

Her cries appeased Luo Yibei and his kisses mellowed a bit.

The two were still out in the open. Fang Chixia leaned back self-consciously, “Stop it. Let’s talk at home.”

Luo Yibei raised his head and clasped her small chin. He tipped her face up and looked at her bright red lips in satisfaction. He caressed them with his fingertips, grabbed her wrist then headed to the bathroom.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Chixia was in the dark as to his plan and stumbled behind hiim.

Luo Yibei stayed silent, took her before the sink and pulled her hand under the water.

He washed her hands and poured hand sanitizer several times. He carefully rubbed every corner of her hand as if there were infectious germs on her hands.

The hand he was washing was the one he saw Fei Si Nuo has held.

Fang Chixia followed his movements and slowly came to understand.

His biting just now, was it all because of her getting close in contact with Fei Si Nuo?

Knowing this, Fang Chixia felt a bit of a pinch.

What a BT!

She didn’t know how long Luo Yibei spent just washing her hands. Finally, he raised her hand, pulled a paper towel and wiped them dry. He then led her slowly back to where Tong Yan and Qing Muchen were waiting.

After being tormented for a while, coupled with her burning lips, then returned back to this road, Fang Chixia was depressed.

She obviously has never done anything, why was he doing this to her?

She stared resentfully at him before biting her teeth, “Luo Yibei!”

“What’s the matter?” Luo Yibei stopped and turned to face her.

He now seemed to be in a much better mood as his speech has gone back to being gentle but dispassionate.

Fang Chixia stared fixedly at him, came to him a few steps, and then made a move out of the blue that floored Luo Yibei.

With her arms around his neck, she hung onto him, stood on tiptoes and bit him on the lips—

It was purely revenge. Fang Chixia bit hard that in just a moment, the scent of blood permeated between the two.

TLN: BT – a Chinese internet slang for crazy



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