TOCH – Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Intimate lovers

His eyes bored into her as he drawled with eyes brimming with expectation.

Fang Chixia could only look back at him in confusion, wondering what his purpose for coming today.

Was it specifically for this?

She stood silently and made no response.

Fei Si Nuo waited for her answer, his face getting ugly by the second at her silence.

Fang Chixia was still speculating on his purpose, but at the sight of his gloomy face, she immediately snapped to her senses.

She braced herself against the wall and distanced herself from him. “I believe you.”

They were too close for comfort and his lips was almost grazing hers, which was claustrophobic for Fang Chixia.

Fei Si Nuo’s brows were obviously stretched with her answer. He smiled immediately and raise a hand to muss her hair, but at the end of the corridor, a timely voice rang frostily.

“What are you doing?” The crisp baritone pierced the air with such clarity, it could freeze people to death.

A chill rose from Fang Chixia’s spine as she looked up instantly in trepidation.

Luo Yibei stood more than ten meters away from the two. When his gaze landed on Fei Si Nuo’s hand, his expression closed up and turned to look at Fang Chixia.

As she was confined by both of Fei Si Nuo’s hand, one on the wall and the other one on her head, their posture was indeed doubtful, especially as he was bent and their heads could almost knock each other.

This was utterly the picture of two intimate lovers.

Fang Chixia was in a daze at his unforseen arrival. She was clear herself that she had done nothing wrong, but the looking at the muscle twitching in his jaw, the chill at her back worsened.

“Come here!” With cold eyes tearing the two apart, Luo Yibei ordered icily.

Fang Chixia gave Fei Si Nuo then back to him while weighing her chances and finally pushed Fei Si Nuo away and went to him.

The moment she was close enough, Luo Yibei stretched a hand and took off towards the golf area.

His pace was fast and with long strides. Even if he were to walk normally, it would take a few steps for Fang Chixia to catch up.

In this manner, Fang Chixia had to scurry to keep up with him.

His back was sending her the shivers and the pressure around them seemed to have plummeted.

Considering his back as they rushed, Fang Chixia blurted out, “Fei Si Nuo and I isn’t what it looked like.”

She wanted to clarify. After their marriage, this could be one of the few times they have had a conflict.

Luo Yibei’s back tightened and he stopped abruptly.

Fang Chixia added, “I had no idea he’d show up here. Today’s encounter was purely a coincidence.”

There was really no need for her to clear up anything. She has always believed that people who trust her would believe in her without reservations. No matter in which situation, explanations were pointless to those who have no belief in her.

Besides, they have agreed upon not interfering in each other’s affairs. He need not justify his affairs and neither would she.

But thinking about how long they’ll have to spend together, Fang Chixia deemed it better clearing things up rather than being caught up in another contradiction.

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