TOCH – Chapter 311

Chapter 311: I’m not missing a fan

“Miss Fang, put away those passionate eyes. I’m not missing another fan!”

Fang Chixia was rendered speechless, “Rest assured, my presence will never be in your long line of fans!”

“Then don’t always look at me so passionately.” Luo Yibei advised while stretching a hand towards her.

“What are you doing?” Fang Chixia has suffered a loss and vigilantly leaned back in retreat. With just one hand, Luo Yibei wrapped it around her waist pressing her closely to him and dragged her into the water once more.

Although he did so smoothly, it was more gentle than before. After he has sneaked her into the water, he just held her and didn’t loosen his hold.

“Luo Yibei….cough….” Fang Chixia was getting worked up in her panic. In the beginning, she grasped tightly at his hands in the water for a couple of laps, trying to stabilize herself with him. Before she could wrapped herself around him again, Luo Yibei suddenly caught and covered her hand.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here!” His voice was low, but reassuring.

It must be Fang Chixia’s delusion, but at this moment, he seemed more gentle and comforting.

Fang Chixia raised a pair of skeptical eyes at the same time, her struggling slowly stopped.

In fact, Luo Yibei has never leg go of her when he dragged her into the water twice. It was just Fang Chixia’s trauma that has divested her off reason.

Her fear of drowning stemmed from a childhood accident. She wasn’t too clear as to the specifics of the even, but the only thing she could recall vividly was that drowning feeling.

Therefore, as many times as before, she would behave abnormally the moment she plunges into the water.

Luo Yibei just stared at her quietly but did not mean to float out.

Probably due to his assurance and knowing he would always be there to fish her out, Fang Chixia sank into the water calmly this time. In addition to a bit of anxiety at first, all symptoms of her panic were basically gone, unlike freaking out earlier.

Watching her seemingly calm face, Luo Yibei’s lips curved up.

The two locked eyes and stayed under the water.

Fang Chixia’s thoughts were filled with questions as to why he was helping her.

Luo Yibei was thinking why did she had such a shadow.

After a long time underwater, Fang Chixia was having difficulty breathing. Hands on his shoulders, she swam up and gasped as she emerged on the surface.

Luo Yibei followed her out, leaned on one side of the pool, and stared fixedly at her.

“What were you doing?” She was a bit unaccustomed to this sudden goodwill from him.

She has long surmised that he was encouraging her to adapt when sinking down, but still, it was a bit inconceivable.

“I was having fun with my fun in the water this early morning!” Luo Yibei rejoined before swimming further into the pool.

He seemed untroubled when he dove in and popped out a moment later. His tan seemed inviting as the sunlight formed a halo around him.

He took another dip and sneaked near Fang Chixia, and for the third time, dragged her in.

Fang Chixia had already been dragged twice and panicked those two times, she was however more composed this time around.

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