EP – Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Owe once, make up twice

“Why not… Since you kissed me, let me kiss you too!’

Ning Xiaofei recognized the voice as her own. Then she was really…. Oh, dear!

“Did you recall?”

The mans voice rang beside her ear.

Ning Xiaofei regained her senses and noticed the man standing behind her in front of the mirror.

Her mouth twitched, but chose to play stupid.

“What, I’m…I don’t remember anything.”

She turned sideways to escape, but the man’s arm stretched to stop her.

Then his other hand also stretched over, confining her between the sink and himself. She straightened up immediately.

  “You… what are you doing?”

Mu Tianye made no sound, but watched her flustered face in mirror instead.

“Turn around.”

She turned a little bit and looked at the man in front of her with only a bath towel covering himself.

He wouldn’t be wanting to…

Time was running out. She’s going to be late if she were to be tossed again.

“Husband!” She hurriedly implored. “I’m going to be late for work. I’ll certainly get fired later. Let’s continue at night…Is that okay?”

Mu Tianye ignored her and raised a hand to pinch her chin.

“Big deal, I…” Ning Xiaofei tried pleading, “Owe once, make up twice?”

The man’s eyes narrowed.


She immediately plastered a smile on her face.

“If it makes you happy, a few times is alright.”

Nothing matters as long as she can get away this morning. She can’t be late again.


The man nodded.

“Hehehe!” Her heart eased a bit. “That… I will get changed first.”

When she was about to leave, she was pulled back.

 “Close your eyes!”

She thought that he wanted to kiss her so Ning Xiaofei closed her eyes obediently and puckered her small mouth.

Besides that, she’ll do whatever he wanted. A kiss will waste only a few minutes.

Something landed over her face, not the man’s imaginary kiss though, but a soft cotton, gently rubbed over her forehead and cheeks.

Ning Xiaofei froze. For a moment, she opened her eyes in amazement and saw Mu Tianye unfolding the hand tower he used and then continued wiping off the toothpaste foam around her mouth.

Holding her face in one hand, the man’s eyes focused. His technique was soft and noticing a little eye makeup left in her eyes, he raised a brow and moved the towel tip to gently wipe it off.

Staring at the face in front of her, his rare gentleness warmed Ning Xiaofei heart and then a bubbling softness expanded deep in her chest.

It turned out that he… just wanted to help her clean herself up.

She was a grown up and except for her mother, no one has ever helped her wash her face.

Her eyes turned hot and suddenly, she had an inexplicable urge to cry.

Noticing her reddening eyes, Mu Tianye thought he was too rough.

“Did I scratch your eye?”

“No!” Ning Xiaofei beamed at him “Husband… this is so kind of you.”

Mu Tianye ignored her.

“Get dressed and I’ll give you ride in a minute!”


She responded immediately. She headed to the door then circled back again. Resting both arms on the man’s shoulders, she bit a chuck of his chin and ran out of the bathroom again to change.

Mu Tianye grabbed a towel, raised his finger and touched the saliva her crime has left on his chin, his eyebrows wrinkled first, then he smiled.

“Little yes-woman!”

1 thought on “EP – Chapter 147”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    If only she knew that his tenderness is coming from what she said in her drunken stupor the previous night…..but then again he was always subtly showing his tenderness to her but she didn’t realize it.


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