EP – Chapter 146

Chapter 146: There’s another one in the middle

“You…” She meant to question the man but when met with the man’s naked ****, she buried her face into the quilt right away, “You…cover up!”

The stinky bastard. He must have taken advantage due to the fact that she was drunk and had done so many bad things…


Didn’t she want him “eat her well”?

Mu Tianye stared at her buried face in amusement.

“You have the quilt!”

Ning Xiaofei turned back and plunged deeply into the quilt. The huge worm edged towards the bed, but before she could climb back, the quilt was ripped away.

She rolled up her arms in a panic and curled up.

“You…what are you doing?”

Mu Tianye threw her a robe from his side.

“If you don’t want to be late, you better not waste your time in bed.”

He has calculated the time. He was supposed to send her to work after taking a shower and breakfast. The time was enough. If they were to delay, she’d be late.

Grabbing the robe, Ning Xiaofei fled into the bathroom but before the door was locked, the man pushed his way in.

“You…what are you doing again?”

Mu Tianye closed the door.

“Taking a bath.”

Ning Xiaofei didn’t dare look at him. When she saw the man’s body reflected in the mirror, she was hurriedly averted her gaze to the side.

“But, I… I still need to use the bathroom.”

Mu Tianye reached out and grabbed her wrist, helped her unscrew the lid of the toothpaste, and noticed her puzzled eyes trained on him. He opened his mouth in mischief.

“Last night, didn’t you also break in while I was taking a shower?”

“I did?!” Ning Xiaofei immediately retorted, “No…No way!”

The man moved closer, and she could clearly see his deep set eyes now dyed with undisguised hunger.

“Not only that, you even pressed yourself against me and repeatedly urged me to ‘love you’!”

In her messed memory, these vague words arose faintly. She did seem to have said it….

Ning Xiaofei’s face burned furiously.

“I… I was drunk.”

“What about now?” Mu Tianye raised his hand and held her waist. “Blocking me and not letting me in. Were you wanting to do it again?”

“I… I wasn’t!”

She was too busy getting out of the way and headed out of the door.

Big deal, then let him use the bathroom first.

“Liu Wei and everybody is all outside.”

The man warned from behind.

That kept her rooted in place.

If she were to go out with this get up, wouldn’t she embarrass Liu Wei to death?

With no other retreat, she returned before the sink, squeezed toothpaste onto her toothbrush and shove it into her mouth, brushing her teeth in a huff.

Putting her shy little expression in her eyes, Mu Tianye stepped into the shower room. When he raised his hand to open the shower, the man’s lips rose revealing a rare smile.

This little one, whether under or out of bed, it’s fun to bully her!

Ignoring the sound of flowing water coming from behind, Ning Xiaofei quickly brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth. Instinctively, she looked up to the mirror and saw the shower room reflected in the mirror.

Only the middle part of the shower glass was foggy. The top and the bottom were transparent. From her viewpoint, she could clearly see the man’s strong back, and on one side of his shoulder blade, was that a hickey?!

Ning Xiaofei frowned. It wouldn’t be her work, right?

In the midst of mulling over this possibility, the man turned in her direction while letting the water wash away the foam on his body. His luscious pectorals were left in full view and then she saw another one in the middle of his chest.

Deep in her head, she could hear a voice exclaiming.

“What’s wrong with it? Since you kissed me, I’ll kiss you too.”



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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Lol like I said, she’ll never live it down with Mu Tianye being a black bellied king 😂😏


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