EP- Chapter 145

Chapter 145: My only one

He pushed the door open and turned the lights on, then swept a glance around the office.

The office was neat and uncluttered. Nothing appeared unusual. Noticing a frame on her desk, he went forward and reached for it. His eyes stayed for a moment at Pei Ruoxi’s smiling face before he put it back. He turned around and gently closed the door.

Ji Mo headed back to his office, but his eyes were unfathomable.

When walking past Ning Xiaofei’s desk, he stepped on something which made a squeaky noise.

Ji Mo stopped, took a step back and then looked to the ground. Something on the ground, small and shiny, had golden luster – a small metal pendant, the size of his index fingertip.

When Ji Mo bent over and picked up that little trinket, he saw the diamond-cut metal flakes engraved with two letters “CD” and a half-ring on the side of the drop, which he could tell should be the upper part of the trinket. The ring must have broken due to the fall.

The trinket looked familiar. He turned the metal pendant around and immediately noticed the two lines of small characters engraved behind.

The upper line was a slightly larger letter “X”, and the bottom line was a line of words like a fly’s head – myonlyone.

Ji Mo’s eyes shrank sharply and the man turned his face in surprise, looking at Pei Ruoxi’s office.

Is it…

No, impossible!

For so long, she kept what he sent her to. It probably must be someone else who lost it, right?

With a self-depreciating smile, Ji Mo squeezed the drop in his palm and strode into his office.



A phone screamed and a palm immediately over to turn the alarm clock on the phone off.

After a moment.

The phone screamed again. Mu Tianye reached out and took the phone to turned it off again. The man’s gaze moved from the phone’s screen to Ning Xiaofei on his side.

The girl’s arm was wrapped around his waist and was half lying on top of him. She was sleeping soundly but her face was still rosy from the night’s ****.

Glancing at the time, Mu Tianye opened the laptop on the night stand and smirked.

Mu’s stock has risen by nearly one percentage, which also means that his value was at least 200 million more. The man’s mood naturally was good.

After handling a few emails, he looked up at the time and shut the computer down. He reached for the girl’s shoulder and gently shook her awake.

“Wake up.”

The little girl languidly cuddled into his arms.

“The alarm clock hasn’t gone off yet!”

“It’s now 7:40. If you don’t want to be late, you’d better get up now!”


On hearing this time, Ning Xiaofei had to sit up.


Mu Tianye didn’t answer and just lifted the phone then sent it before her. The screen time showed – 7:40.

“What happened?” Ning Xioafei grabbed the phone. “I clearly set two alarm clocks. Why didn’t one sound?”

“I turned it off.”

She has promised Ji Mo that she will never be late. So inorder to avoid sleeping in, she deliberately set two alarms…and he… he turned it off.

 “You… are you serious?” She exclaimed as she lifted the quilt and jumped down from the bed. “If I get fired, I am not done with you.”

Mu Tianye grabbed her.



Ning Xiaofei looked down at herself and blood rushed to her cheeks instantly. Her face to her ears was dyed red as she hurriedly pulled a quilt and wrapped it tightly around her.

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