EP – Chapter 143

Chapter 143: Master loves you dearly

As if the big Mu Tianye, who was taking a shower, was air, Ning Xiaofei squished her eyes, pulled her underwear down and sat on the rickety toilet seat, then opened her mouth for a sleepy yawn.

Done on the the toilet, she moved in front of Mu Tianye to the wash stand and reached for the faucet.

Drunk and confused by now, just because of year so of habit, she naturally moved next to wash her hands, forgetting her injury.

“Stop it!”

Mu Tianye commanded. He marched out of the shower and grabbed her hand that was about to reach under the tap.

With her face crimson from the wine, she cocked her head to side to have a good look at Mu Tianye. Probably unable to see clearly, she leaned forward to have a better look then with her whole body fell on him. Her face rose stupidly while her hand reached to pinch his face.

“Husband, you look so good, hehehe!”

Mu Tianye caught her hand and pulled a wet towel to help her clean her fingers outside the gauze.

“Don’t move!”

With her hand cleaned, Ning Xiaofei rose again and pinched him on the chin.

“Beauty, smile for master… This Master really loves you!”

Alcohol does boost one’s courage.

On normal days, Ning Xiaofei has long secretly imagined poking fun at him. Already drunk where she couldn’t have known east to west, her heart’s desires were finally put into action.

If it were on normal times, has someone dared speak to Mu Tianye so, he would have thrown him downstairs and have him chopped into pieces.

Dead girl, playing the master, huh?

Mu Tianye has never seen this little girl intoxicated, but he still smiled darkly. Ning Xiaofei took the chance to hook her arms around his neck.

“You…You are laughing at me! I… Let me tell you Mu Tianye, if I were a man and you were a woman, I promise…you won’t get out of bed everyday!”

Mu Tianye – speechless.

What did this dead girl mean, was she never dissatisfied?

Throwing the towel in his hand, Mu Tianye took her up, walked out of the bathroom, and bent to put her on the big bed.

“Since you are so demanding, I will satisfy you!”

Reaching out to pull off her little underwear, the man pinched her chin as his lips fell for a kiss. His other hand was busy unfastening her bra.

“Oh…It tickles.. Don’t touch me… aha…”

When he touched her itchy spot, the little girl burst into laughter.

Mu Tianye grabbed her arm and continued raining kisses on her lips. Ning Xiaofei’s voice gradually softened up, infected with some strange emotion, she instinctively wrapped her limbs around him, urging him….

Suppressing his control that has gone haywire, the man endured and kept on kissing her, but made no further action.

She wiggled and gasped, her eyes full of yearning.

The man raised his face from her chest and looked down at her.

“Who am I?”

“Mu Tianye!”

“Who is Mu Tianye?”

“My husband!”

“Ning Xiaofei, do you like me?”

The man held her chin with his hand, but his eyes were burning with danger.

“Answer me, do you like me?”

“Uh…” She blinked at him wide-eyed for a while, “I like you when you you’re in good temper. I don’t like you when you lose your temper.”

Mu Tianye chuckled.

“You passed!”

Then he claimed her lips once more, this time, more gentle and loving…


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