EP – Chapter 140

Chapter 140: Prince and Princess

Mu Tianye sighed helplessly. Gently using his knee, he nudged at her right leg. Ning Xiaofei immediately reacted and moved a step back.

“Backward, stop!”

“Turn around!”

“Relax your waist!”

With her face focused downward, Mu Tianye slowly led her forward and back.

Initially, Ning Xiaofei moved like a block of wood and she even felt her toes stretch and then started to cramp. It was only her worry that she would embarrass him that kept her moving till she gradually found her rhythm.

Following his reminders, move forward, backward, step, turn….

The more she swayed with the music, the more she relaxed herself and the drink she just had shot to her head, allowing her a rare moment of pleasure.

Staring at Mu Tianye in front of her, her happiness bubbled over. She beamed happily at him.

  “I didn’t expect to dance so well, I thought it was so hard!”

The jubilant smile that spread widely across her face shone bright and enchanting under the lights.

Her guileless smile reminded Mu Tianye of a poem his grandfather once taught him, ‘The pretty dimples of her artful smile, the well-defined black and white of her eye.’ This probably was a perfect fit for just that!

Hearing that the dance music was about to enter the faster stage, Mu Tianye lowered his hand and pulled her arm down then whispered.

“Take two spins and come back.”

She obediently stepped back and turned as he raised her arm.

One lap, two laps, she should have already gone back. The result was, she stepped too far and her hand slipped off from his hold. Her heart panicked, her feet were in chaos, her high heels stumbled onto something, followed by her food and her whole person fell backwards.


Mu Tianye stepped forward and stretched an arm around her waist before she fell.

Ning Xiofei’s soul has already taken a flight, but watching the handsome face so close, she instinctively raised her arm and hooked it around his neck.

Mu Tianye bowed his head and kissed her gently on her lips.

This picture was the perfect image of a prince and a princess under the lights.

It just so happened that the dance was halfway done, so nobody caught her mistake. They only thought that the two were being intimate, so it was followed by their applause.

With his help, Ning Xiaofei jumped up and immediately hugged his neck.

“That scared me to death. I thought I’d fall to the ground!”

Feeling her tight hold on his neck, Mu Tianye’s eyes were slightly bent. The palm of his hand patted her on the back in comfort.

“It’s over.”

Ning Xiaofei lifted her face from his arms.

“So fast!”

Her dismay was that of a little girl who finally found an interesting game, but has ended before she could touch the doorway. She couldn’t hide her disappointment.

Reading her mind, Mu Tianye lips rose unconsciously. His brows were softly stretched and his big hand held onto her waist.

“Let’s take another turn!”

Learning how to dance was just to socialize. This was the first time he really wanted to take another turn on the floor.

The more she jumped, the more she felt exhilarated. She was completely relaxed. When she was separated from him, then came back spinning, her face was full of smiles….

When she was in college, she learned to dance. At that time, she was ridiculed for having two left feet, which led to her quitting the dance club.

Ning Xiaofei never thought that one day, she could dance.

One song ended.

After a few laps, she returned to Mu Tianye. She leaned on one leg while the other leg bent over his. Her whole person snuggled in his arms.

  “Husband, I love you. I never thought I could learn to dance in this life!” Both arms grasped and held onto his neck, a pair of glittering eyes worshiped brightly at him, “Shall we dance again?!”

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