TOCH – Chapter 310

Chapter 310: Stupid, shut up!

Fang Chixia had no idea how restrained Luo Yibei had been, but she herself has suffered greatly in recent days.

The hot spring was such an ambiguous place. She of course pictured him up to no good again till they reached the back hill and even put her guard up.

It’s just that when they arrived, nothing of what she has conjured up came to pass. Luo Yibei just….

He slowly stripped down. One piece at a time was thrown to the side. He then casually moved towards the edge and plunged into the pool.

After stayed down for a while, before springing up and stretching his long arm then dragged her down.


The huge splash rained down on her and soaked her in an instant.

“Wu… cough, cough…” Fang Chixia was caught unprepared. Her head popped out of the water and coughed violently in his arms.

She still dreaded being in the water all of a sudden. The taste always leaves her feeling like she was drowning, which turns her breathless. Her face turned red, a bit pitiful but more from anger.

She didn’t expect him to bring her to the pool just to do that!

Fang Chixia felt much like a pet being teased.

“Luo Yibei, what the hell are you up to?” Fang Chixia turned to him and roared angrily at him.

Luo Yibei remained silent. Sweeping a look at her black face, he did something that almost turned her violent.

Pushing her down, he again dragged her into the water.

“Bastard…..wu……” The clear water of the lake invaded her mouth and nose. The cold water overwhelmed her so, that she found it hard to breathe.

it gave her the feeling of being on the verge of death. She was sinking down into the water where it’s completely deserted with not a thing to rely on.

Fang Chixia has always been plagued by this feeling. Once in the water, even her normally clever head went on strike and only relied on her survival instinct. She instinctively hugged Luo Yibei and clamped her limbs tightly around him.

Her fear undermined her rationality and like a child hang onto him, fearful and helpless.

Shut up, stupid woman!

Luo Yibei took in everything quietly, first at her limbs tightly wrapped around him then to her pale face.

It was morning, so the sun shining over the lake reflected her face clearly in the water.

Luo Yibei counted time and observed her reactions.

Estimating that she couldn’t hold up anymore, he put his arms solidly around her and kissed her.

He breathed into her, his fingertips clasping her tiny jaw. He applied pressure, but stuck his lips on her immovably.

Fang Chixia’s long lashes quivered and her face which was almost devoid of color, slowly eased some.

She slowly opened her eyes and fixed them on him then couldn’t help but frown.

She had thought he brought her to the pool to make fun of her.

But, with actions, it obviously wasn’t like that.

He wasn’t bored enough to play tricks on her in this manner.

It wasn’t fun to drag someone down the water, then take care of her afterwards.

She was totally bewildered as she stared longer at him.

Luo Yibei caught her questioning look. Closing his arms around her, he pushed and they floated out of the water. Then his cold, but titillating scolding floated around —

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