TOCH – Chapter 308

Chapter 308: Borrow her for a few days

“Why are you creeping here so early in the morning without making a sound? My waist is sprained!” Her grievance contained not much of a fire, but she sure was dissatisfied with him.

Luo Yibei himself hasn’t expected his presence to bring such misfortune. He frowned as he moved towards her, moved the ladder that fell beside her and squatted in front of her. “Are you hurt?”

Fang Chixia brushed him off and struggled to stand up. But before she could straighten herself up, the pain on her back to her waist made her double back in pain.

Luo Yibei instinctively caught her and carried her to the wicker chair. He pressed her down on his lap and massaged her lower back, “Is it painful?”

Fang Chixia hit the ground on her tailbone. Her pained expression gave away her feelings at the moment.

When he asked, she naturally nodded.

Who knew that Luo Yibei would redirect the conversation to an entirely another route, “How painful? Would it hurt if we do that at night?”

His disturbingly serious tone broke into the conversation without him blinking an eyelid.

A serious flirt!

Fang Chixia’s face reddened instantly and couldn’t make a come back for a moment.

“I’ll handle it myself.” Pushing him away, she stood up but was again caught down.

“Where are you going? Sit!” Luo Yibei pushed her hand away and pressing a hand on her shoulder, he massaged slowly down.

His kneading was just right, not too heavy nor light.

Fang Chixia was pained at first, but gradually, the pain faded away.

She let him massage away, not stopping him and kept silent the whole time.

Subtle pink bubbles burst around.

Luo Yibei’s hand was still rubbing and then stayed near Fang Chixia’s tailbone.

At the beginning, there was just pain so she felt none of it. When the pain was reduced replaced with numbness, Fang Chixia’s body slowly stiffened.

“Feeling better?” Above the top of her head, Luo Yibei’s voice came. It might be her illusion, but his tone seemed inflected with amusement.

“I’m alright. I can do this myself.” Fang Chixia pushed his hand away and replaced it with her own.

Luo Yibei clasped her shoulder with one hand to check if she was injured in other places, but the ringing of a phone stopped him.

Not his, but Fang Chixia’s.

Tong Yan was calling.

Luo Yibei caught a glimpse of her caller ID and picked it up naturally.

“Good morning, didn’t you sleep well?”

The caller heard his voice and seemed to squirm for a few seconds before greeting him back, “Good morning, are you still sleeping?”

Since Fang Chixia’s phone was answered by him, Tong Yan naturally thought they were still in bed.

“En, what’s the matter?” Luo Yibei knew well she has misunderstood, but he didn’t refute and even followed it with his lazy “En.”

Tong Yan shut up awkwardly.

A few seconds later, she spoke again. “Here’s the thing. My brother won’t be with me these few days. Can I borrow Fang Chixia for a few days?”

“I’m afraid not, her waist is hurting.” Luo Yibei refused without missing a beat.

“Back pain? Why is her waist hurting?” Tong Yan concluded that she must have fallen if her waist is hurting.

The facts were also true. It’s just that Luo Yibei shushed her cleanly with his next line, “She just can’t do anything.”



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