TOCH – Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Snap at him

Luo Yibei stared steadily at her before opening his mouth again, “How are you and Fei Si Nuo?”

He asked in all seriousness. Who knew that Fang Chixia would ignore him, whether deliberately or has not heard him, and continued looking for her pajamas.

Luo Yibei’s brows furrowed as he bristled.

Taking a few steps forward, he caught her wrist but before he could express his annoyance, Fang Chixia lost her temper, “Not every man is like you!”

Her fury was reflected from her yell.

Luo Yibei was left speechless. His face slowly darkened.

He hasn’t gotten mad yet and here she was doing the same thing. Where did she dig the courage to snap back at him?

His face sank and was about to retort, but replaying her words back, he came to a stop.

Did she mean she had nothing going on with Fei Si Nuo?

Holding onto this fact, the haze clouding his face dissipated and his stuffed chest eased inexplicably.

In fact, when he saw her at the Earl of Dulan’s mansion, he thought that she and Fei Si Nuo couldn’t have had anything.

How long has it been?

With Fang Chixia’s conservative and reserved nature, nothing could have happened in just a few days.

This tiny bit made him think that Fang Chixia wasn’t that comfortable with Fei Si Nuo.

With his question sorted out of the way, Luo Yibei felt more at ease.

Releasing her hand, he went to bed one step ahead of her.

He wasn’t planning on tossing her tonight. He waited until Fang Chixia came to bed and just as they had done in the past, he locked her around his arms and rested.

The next day was the weekend.

The jingling downstairs early in the morning awakened Luo Yibei from his slumber.

The woman in his arms was no longer there and by the sound of it, would be downstairs.

With only the two of them occupying the whole villa, the silence was quite easily disturbed as any movement could be heard clearly.

The unending buzz early in the morning could be quite annoying.

However, listening to the noise, Luo Yibei felt more at peace and his eyebrows were unconsciously stretched.

He has gotten used to this disturbance already.

Whenever Fang Chixia was feeling bored, she would take it upon herself to do some decorating.

Hearing her going about it, Luo Yibei even felt a bit of pleasure.

Although he wasn’t that happy about it, it was much better than her silence for the past two days.

He found a shirt and casually draped it on himself, buttoning it up while heading downstairs.

The jingling came from the open-air balcony. When he came out, Fang Chixia was standing atop a ladder, holding a small hammer and nailing a wooden frame.

The balcony has a lot of vines and has a formed a green trail, which was chic and picturesque.

Fang Chixia was attaching a wooden frame to support the vines.

She was focused on her task and seemed having a hard time.

After watching her struggle for a while, Luo Yibei asked, “How did you come up with this design?”

He asked so casually as if chatting on the passing, not too loud nor soft.

Who knew it would startle Fang Chixia, who turned around in alarm, then –

She and the ladder wobbled and fell to the ground.

Her flight was beyond Luo Yibei’s expectation. The two were separated by a distance so even if he flew to catch her, he was a step too late.

Fang Chixia was sprawled on the ground. She held her waist, her brows tightening, “Luo Yibei!”

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