Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Came to be an instructor

On the golden chair, the man slouched lazily.

His black robes which were outlined with golden patterns announced his nobility in full extravagance.

His seemingly inattentive glances swept the crowd, but the glazed sharpness of his stare shone were deep and blinding. His whole person exuded a wild , but arrogant aura.

His pink thin lips were stretched with a sultry smile, which could struck one’s mind into frenzy. His black jet hair were strewn on his satin robe casually, but seemingly orderly.

Those familiar playful eyes made Feng Chuge’s heart skip a beat.

It’s him!

That night, they once met him outside the Feng Residence, Di Jue Chen!!

Their eyes were on each other and sparks began to fly.

The man’s narrowed gaze revealed a bit of amusement as he raised a brow while his eyes bore into Feng Chuge….

Feng Chuge, on the other hand, looked back at him and her brows wrinkled in deep thought.

This Di Jue Chen gives her a sense of familiarity.

This familiarity was definitely not from the meeting that night.

At the moment, almost everyone in the crowd stared at the man, who came out of nowhere, in amazement.

His appearance was too beautiful to be true, even more pristine that the currently most beautiful man in the college, Yun Qianche.

The women who looked at him were rendered breathless and were on the verge of suffocation….


“Your majesty, you’ve come.” The old man turned his head to Di Jue Chen. He was about to get up, but was motioned not to by Di Jue Chen.

He drew his eyes and nodded lightly. “Elder Yang, the dean should have already informed you?”

“Yes…” The old man, Elder Yang, nodded. “We have arranged you the best class, that is, I believe would be easy for your majesty to instruct.”

“Oh?” Di Jue Chen raised a brow inquiringly, his whole person was instantly surrounded by demonic air.

His tone made Elder Yang a bit afraid.

He really doesn’t understand….

When this heavenly master didn’t want to govern Tiandifu, he really had to come to Yuntian College to be an instructor!

This was simply unspoken of!!

Were today’s geniuses so maverick?

In the end, Elder yang could only squeeze a smile. “The class is the best. If there’s a leader, they’ll certainly be more excellent.”

Di Jue Chen leaned on one side and said nothing until Elder Yang had nothing more to say. He looked up and swept a glance at Feng Chuge.

“Just arrange me in her class…”

“New students who first enter usually are the worst in class…”

“Not a problem…” Di Jue Chen leaned casually, one hand picking a wisp of hair to twirl around his fingers.

This picturesque lack of interest grabbed every woman’s attention without fail…

“The scoundrel -” Putting this in Feng Chuge’s eyes, her lips twitched as she murmured.

Elder Yang dared not to contradict Di Jue Chen’s order. Treating his word as an imperial edict, he nodded, “Okay, good -“

Only then did he get up and look down the field.

“Those who assisted in the test, come up to me… Report the level of strength you used.”

Eight figures, flew up to the raised platform…

Eight people lined up and stood in front of Elder Yang.

In addition to Feng Yuanhang, seven other people reported their results.

When Elder Yang heard everything, his brows fluttered gently –

This woman and the people around her were so strong, how could others survive?

Today’s test results were that Zilan, Biluo, and Luzhu, the combat skills of the three were completely miles ahead the others!

Not to mention Feng Chuge.

With the guidance of Di Jue Chen, who would dare not recognize her strength?

If she could easily escape from the hands of a mid-level Spiritual Master, she certainly must have indomitable combat skills!

Coupled with the result of the first test, Feng Chuge was ranked first as she was ranked first in everyone’s mind!

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  1. I don’t want to be annoying, but it’s been a while since you last updated… Are you all alright? Questions aside thank you for the chapter!!!


    1. Yes, thanks for the concern 🙂 I’ve been busy with classes this past months, so I had little time for translations…
      Still, drop by anytime 🙂


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