EP – Chapter 137

Chapter 137: That familiar look.

When the original saying that the wise person uses his tongue but not his fists suddenly took the turn for armed conflict, Ning Xiaofei was totally caught unprepared.

Instinctively, in a hurry, she pulled her arm up simultaneously when the fascinating fuchsia cocktail spilled out of the glass.

Ning Xiaofei dodged adeptly while castigating herself for underestimating this girl’s battling ferocity.

In a flash, a gust blew from her ear side.

Her arm was suddenly gripped and in the next moment, she was pulled away from her spot. A light flickered then was blocked by a figure in front of her.

Ning Xiaofei blinked up in fright at the man before her eyes.

His devilishly long eyebrows were slightly wrinkled while his deep darkened sharply with worry.

This expression was quite familiar, the carbon copy of her mother’s look when she accidentally knocked down a cup of hot water when she was young. Her mother rushed to her side to protect her.

Her lips partly opened. In an instant, Ning Xiaofei felt as if the exclamations and screams around them vanished and only she and this man in front of her were the only people left in the world.

Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum-dum…

She could hear her own heartbeat galloping loudly in her ears as it would leap out of her chest at any moment.


Mu Tianye scowled. He raised an arm and wiped off a drop of wine splashed on her forehead.

His scolding came out naturally incomparable. His tone carried not much anger, but more of helplessness, much alike a parent pained after witnessing his child causing trouble from her naughtiness.

Faced always with these old-fashioned slick businessmen, Mu Tianye could easily see through their thinking. Naturally, it was child’s play to spot Ning Xiaofei’s little tricks.

When they left together to fetch food, he kept paying attention to her. Seeing the little girl deliberately being exceptionally nice to Gu Xinqi, he knew things would get out of hand. He took the initiative to come help her out.

The glass of wine poured all over Mu Tianye’s back. His suit immediately added an ambiguous wine stain, while a lot of it trickled down the fabric to the floor.

“Mu… Chief Mu!” Secretary Gu rushed along with Mu Tianye. This turn of events turned his face pale. He took a handkerchief in haste and made an all-out effort to wipe the stains. “Here, quickly dry it up!”

Mu Tianye paid no attention to the secretary and raised a hand instead to block Ning Xiaofei’s palm, which moved to help.

“You have injuries in your hand, what are you messing about!”

In the same moment, Gu Xinqi stood stupidly on the spot while her hand clenched around the glass.

“This child is really clumsy!” Secretary Gu grabbed his daughter’s arm. “Aren’t you going to apologize to Chief Mu?”

Knowing that she has dove into a major disaster, Gu Xinqi’s small face whitened.

“Yes… I’m sorry. I… I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean to splash you!”

Scared at heart, she stuttered admitting her fault carelessly.

“No, I…”

In the midst of her incoherent explanation whatsoever, the Mayor also stepped in. The sight of Mu Tianye’s dampened suit brought a frown on his face.

“Chief Mu, how did you get in this state!!”

Secretary Gu hurriedly interrupted with a smile, “Mr. Mayor, this is…”

Mu Tianye lifted a hand to take off his suit and threw it to Zhou Tao who also rushed over, intercepting Secretary Gu’s reasoning…

“Xiao Fei, say.”

Ning Xiaofei quickly glanced at him and took another glimpse at the mayor whom she had only seen on TV and immediately came to an understanding of her man’s influence just from the tone of the Mayor towards him.

Pouting her small mouth close to the man’s chest, she sucked her nose and raised a finger pointing at Gu Xinqi.

“She…She splashed wine at me!”

TLN: This took a long time 🙂

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