EP – Chapter 138

Chapter 138: Wronged with a pile of grievances

That pout, that tone… As if wronged with a pile of grievances!

How could Gu Xinqi eat this dumb loss, she immediately countered, “Dead girl, you’re a thief crying thief. It was clearly you who dirtied my dress first!”

Dead girl?

Mu Tianye’s eyes turned unblinkingly black, a layer of frost forming on his face.

Dared to curse at her woman?

“Xinqi!” Gu Xinqi’s line of sight remained narrow and refused the doorway out. On the other hand, Secretary Gu has already taken notice of the man’s anger. He pulled her daughter’s arm, “Miss Ning, Chief Mu, I’m really sorry. It’s all my fault for not disciplining this child well. She has been spoiled by me so I apologize for her. I hope you could forgive her and deal lightly with her.”

Recently, the city was in talks about a large tourism and cultural project with Mr. Mu’s team with an investment totaling in the billions, the largest project yet in the city. The newly appointed mayor has been relying on this for his political achievement.

Today’s award was to express admiration to Mu Tianye…. Another purpose was to save money.

If even the Mayor has to coax this lord, how could an insignificant secretary dare offend him?

Forgive her?

Mu Tianye sneered.

If you can’t discipline your own child, then don’t blame others for taking the task for you.

Did he think that Mu Tianye would excuse everything with just an apology after being splashed with wine in front of so many people?

“Since Secretary Gu has said so, then this matter could be rectified.” Mu Tianye reached out and took a bottle of wine from the table and handed it to Ning Xiaofei. “Go, pour Miss Gu a glass of wine for her and don’t lose it!

Ning Xiaofei dared not to refute. She walked to Gu Xinqi without delay and extended the bottle to Gu Xinqi’s glass.

Gu Xinqi was petrified at first. However, her pale face were instantly dyed with the color of pride at this scene – she also thought that she really was Mu Tianye’s beloved, but it seemed it was nothing more than that.

Tilting the bottle, Ning Xiaofei poured half a glass of wine and withdrew the bottle after.

Mu Tianye’s hand intercepted it and guiding her hand, he moved the half-empty bottle back together with her.

“How did I teach you? Tea should be shallow, wine should be full!”

With that, the man tilted the bottle once more and deviating from the rim of the glass, he liftedit and aimed at Gu Xinqi. Red wine immediately poured out and cascaded from Gu Xinqi’s head to her face.

Ning Xiaofei stared in wide-eyed amazement while Gu Xinqi was again petrified.

It was not until the cold drink seeped into her dress that she snapped to her senses and fled screaming to her father.

“What?” Mu Tianye said, “Miss Gu refused to drink my wine?”

His question rang frostily cold.

Gu Xinqi was cold and scared. Her whole body trembled and she couldn’t even squeeze a word out.

Secretary Gu himself was now ashen. He thought that the man would give him face and spare his daughter. This time, he realized that he thought wrong.

This man was far colder and scarier than the legend.

“Mu…Chief Mu…” Secretary Gu bent over and pled, “It’s all this little girl’s fault. Could you please spare her this time?!”

Mu Tianye took the bottle from Ning Xiaofei’s hand and placed it back on the table.

“What does Secretary Gu mean, did I make it difficult for Miss Gu?”

Hearing the muffled sound of the bottle hitting the table, the cold sweat from the corner of the secretary’s forehead dribbled down.

“That’s not what I meant. When… Of course not. This girl can’t drink too much alcohol. I will drink for her!”

He moved forward, picked the bottle on the table and gritting his teeth, Secretary Gu moved it to his mouth. Without a second thought, he forced the rest down his throat.

38 degrees of top grade brandy , the fine flavor that should be relished has now turned into self-abuse.



TLN: What do you think? Was Mu Tianye particularly harsh?….

5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 138”

  1. Man, I can’t help but think about all that money being spilled onto these people’s clothes. xD Such a waste of money!


  2. Thanks for the update!
    I wouldn’t say he’s being harsh, he couldn’t just stand there and allow them to insult his wife. If he doesn’t teach them a lesson they’ll think he’s someone they can walk over or that his wife is someone they can bully, so this is a necessary action.


  3. Nope Mu Tianye do the right thing for the sake of his wife , teach those arrogant bitch who look down on his wife .


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