TOCH – Chapter 306

Chapter 306: It’s just for him

Fang Chixia’s spine stiffened and her pace stopped.

Was he trying to tell her he gambled with certainty?

Luo Yibei said no more and went pas her straight into the house.

Fang Chixia stood in place, her eyes fixed on his back, watching him slowly disappear into the dark. She frowned.

Why explain it to her?

She remained standing in the garden for a long time that by the time she entered, Luo Yibei had already gone upstairs.

He seemed to be taking a bath. The sound of the shower was audible when walking in the hallway.

As Fang Chixia approached the door, she struggled between the guest room and the master bedroom. But still, she walked into the master bedroom.

Her footsteps were light. She wasn’t sure whether Luo Yibei wasn’t paying attention or didn’t mind at all, after taking a bath, he came out almost naked.

He was wearing only a pair of shorts. When he saw her, he was first stunned, but then, as if unconcerned, he continued to dry his hair in front of her.

He faced her, not deliberately presenting his charming self, but casually stood there.

Fang Chixia who was sitting in the balcony, watched him move in front of her. Her eyes couldn’t help but fall on his mermaid line, then trailed down. She gulped uncomfortably, “Put on clothes first!”

“Haven’t you seen it many times already….” Luo Yibei answered back without blinking an eyelid, not taking her words seriously and continued drying his hair.

Fang Chixia couldn’t stand him. She gave up. She turned to look outside the balcony, to filter him out of her eyes

She deliberately ignored him. But, of course, Luo Yibei came out with the towel.

He picked her up and naturally sat on the position she had just sat in.

He took it for granted and wasn’t the least bit embarrassed at his high handedness.

The chair wasn’t that big enough. It was superfluous for one person, but too overcrowded for two.

Fang Chixia has been comfortable, but suddenly overtaken by him.

She was totally speechless. She stood up and entered the room to have her own shower.

She saw the bathrobe thrown on the bed and couldn’t help picking it up. She went back a few steps and handed it to him. “Here”

Luo Yibei glanced at the bathrobe in her hands and first blinked. He then looked up and slowly requested, “Help me.”

Fang Chixia’s main concern was not to keep looking at something unhealthy, not her discomfort, but the atmosphere changing.

Hesitating, she still took the bathrobe and helped him put it on.

She has never done so much as helping him dress, except for his shirts since their marriage.

With a little more practice, she was now adept at it.

Luo Yibei stared at her white delicate hands and suddenly had a thought. These hands should only be for him.

And, only for him!

With this though, her excursion in R country for a few days crossed his mind. His chest felt a bit stuffed. He coldly asked, “You and Fei Si Nuo…”

Before he could finish, he was instantly blocked by Fang Chixia, “Okay.”

With that, Fang Chixia turned around and went back into the room.

Suddenly interrupted, Luo Yibei didn’t know whether it was a coincidence or she was being evasive. He followed her with his eyes and decided to go in.

Fang Chixia collected her clothes in the closet, but never spared a glance in his direction.



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  1. Ye Bei you don’t own her but if you don’t want her to be with other guy so why not tell the whole world she’s yours ……


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