TOCH – Chapter 305

Chapter 305: I won’t let myself lose

His fingertip kept stroking her shoulder strap, twisting the spun-out shoulder strap around the finger tip, and making it feel like it would snap the next second.

His face was so close to her that his breath sprayed on his face, warm and crisp.

“It’s time to go back!” Fang Chixia stood stiffly in fear that he would mess up . She raised her arm in between himself and her.

Luo Yibe ignored her attempt, tore her hands off, pressed her against the wall, and locked her hands down.

“Luo Yibei, what is it you want?” Fang Chixia was getting worked up at his behavior, her eyes now spurting fire.

“Are you angry?” Luo Yibei tipped his head down for a closer look at her face and asked loosely.

Fang Chixia’s face numb.

Being blocked by a man in the bathroom where someone could enter or leave at any moment, wasn’t it normal to have a fit of temper?

Luo Yibei lifted his face slowly, his eyes sweeping to her rosy lips. His fingers clasped her delicate chin, while he again slowly leaned down.

Realizing what he was about, Fang Chixia turned to the side evasively, narrowly avoiding him.

Her evasion left Luo Yibei’s brows wrinkeld. He rigidly turned her face back.

Fang Chixia was fed up with his behavior. He raised her arms and attempted to punch him, but Luo Yibei caught them right away.

He folded her arms and pressed them on his chest. Before he could once again bow down to continue where he left off, a cold voice rang from behind, “Public place!”

The slightly playful voice rang idly by.

Fang Chixia and Luo Yibei were both caught off guard.

The eyes of the two flew to the voice at the same time and saw Qing Muchen. Fang Chixia was a little embarrassed and pushed Luo Yibei back, who unwillingly let go of her.

Luo Yibei blocked her and untroubledly helped her sort out her shoulder straps. He swept a glance at Qing Muchen, “Can’t you walk without making a sound?”

“I thought my voice was loud enough.” Qing Muchen retorted and as if nothing happened, proceeded into the bathroom. “Just think I don’t exist, continue.”

His tone remained calm, as if bumping into Luo Yibei and Fang Chixia’s intimacy wasn’t unexpected at all.

The corners of Luo Yibei’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch as his gaze followed the figure in.

Fang Chixia pushed him aside and walked back to the restaurant.

With all of them back, the dinner resumed.

With Luo Yibei and Qing Muchen who treasured their words like gold, the whole dinner was almost showered with only Tong Yan and Fang Chixia.

The dinner ended at around nine o’clock.

Tong Yan and Qing Muchen just arrived in Nice today and sat for more than ten hours. After dinner, they went directly to their home where they were resettled.

For a time, only Fang Chiia and Luo Yibei were left.

Fang Chixia stood at the intersection and began to call for her own transport. Luo Yibei’s leaned against his car in front of her and stopped her action with a glance.

“Get on!” His gaze swept over her face and demanded.

Fang Chixia stared at him for a moment, hesitated, then finally pulled the door and sat down.

Back to the villa, Fang Chixia entered the house first

Luo Yibei slowed down behind her, his eyes quietly following her while seemingly pondering on something.

The garden in the villa was very large. The two were now on the cobblestone trail surrounded by the silence and mist.

Halfway on the path, Luo Yibei’s cold voice broke the silence, “The gamble last time at the cruise ship, if you haven’t intervened, I would have won!”



6 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 305”

  1. What difference does it make to say this after the fact. She is not a pawn or chess piece. He used her like she was just a piece of property.How could anyone feel like they were a treasured item?


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