TOCH – Chapter 303

Chapter 303: Qing Gege, Qing Gege

Luo Yibei stopped on his tracks at the entrance of Rongxi and looked blankly at her disappearing figure, his gaze cooling down as the winter winds.

Was this girl going to leave just like that?

After Fang Chixia has driven off from Rongxi, she headed straight for Tong Yan.

Tong Yan has often gone abroad, either with her parents or two older brothers, so she has almost landed in every corner of the world. Dropping by Nice was a quite a normal thing.

Tagging along with Tong Yan was her brother, Qing Muchen. Tong Yan was surnamed after her mother, while her brothers took their father’s name.

The three children of the Qing Family had two sons surnamed Qing while the most favored daughter, because of the relationship between Qing Yafeng and Tong Xiyao, took her mother’s surname.

Qing Muchen was the eldest brother and was about the same as Luo Yibei. He carries the same aloofness and wasn’t much of a talker. He stands tall as if above others and seemed unapproachable. But probably because of her closeness to Tong Yan, Fang Chixia wasn’t that affected.

After her arrival, Qing Muchen stayed glued on his mobile phone and seemed to sending text messages with someone. It appears that his friend would be coming.

Tong Yan didn’t bother him at the beginning and just carried on smiling as she chatted with Fang Chixia.

When Qing Muchen seemed to have finished, she asked casually, “Brother, who are you chatting with? It’s not Luo Yibei, is it?”

“What do you think? Who else besides him in Nice?” Qing Muchen glanced at her and took a sip from his drink.

Tong Yan’s gaze swung a searching gaze at Fang Chixia.

Fang Chixia however just shrugged.

Since she didn’t mind, Tong Yan naturally had nothing to worry about. She stood up and grabbed Fang Chixia’s arm, then began introducing: “Xia Xia, this is my big brother. Just call him Qing Gege!”

She instructed approvingly. She considers Fang Chixia as her own sister, so of course, Fang Chixia should address her brother as she does.

When her words fell, both Fang Chixia and Qing Muchen were a bit stunned

And outside the restaurant, Luo Yibei, who has just arrived after receiving a text message, was just in time to hear it. His face instantly turned green.

Qing Gege?

There’s still a Qing Gege!

Tong Yan’s casual words evoked a strange atmosphere among the three.

The first to recover his senses was Qing Muchen.

He smiled and responded nonchalantly, “Just call me Big Brother liek Yan yan!”

Tong Yan grinned and was just about to sit down when she caught a glimpse of Luo Yibei at the entrance. She greeted him in the distance, “Hey, Bei Shaoye!”

She and Luo Yibei have known each other from an early age so she greeted him freely. What Yibei Gege, Bei Shaoye, she can call him whichever she likes.

Luo Yibei enterned without any expression, but his penetrating eyes speared directly to where she was sitting.

Tong Yan was sitting next to Fang Chixia. The sofa chair was just enough for two. He was urging Tong Yan to vacate the sit.

Tong Yan felt bad for being dismissed, but she scraped together with Qing Muchen.

“Excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom.” Fang Chixia looked up at Luo Yibei. Then she walked past him to the bathroom.

“Sure, I was just about to go, too!” Luo Yibei snorted coldly and slowly followed behind her.

“Are they acquainted?” Qing Muchen’s line of sight followed the movement of the two figures, faintly asking Tong Yan beside him.

“Yeah, I introduced them last time during mom’s birthday.” Tong Yan’s lie was woven without blinking.

“Do you think you’re a matchmaker?” Qing Muchen raised a brow.

“I just introduced them, he, hehe.” Tong Yan was embarrassed to say. She turned to look out the window.

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5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 303”

  1. Thanks for the update!
    Damn the vinegar towards Tang Yan is strong 😂
    But like I said previously, they need to sit down and have a proper discussion or else nothing will be solved.


  2. Yes, thank you for continuing with this novel.
    What is Yibei up to now? I hope he doesn’t embarrass Chixia in front of everyone.


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