Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Brotherly love

He has made up his mind to drive Feng Chuge out of Yuntian College.

Feng Yuanhang’s spiritual power was extremely well controlled, and most people wouldn’t notice any of his movements at all.

In the blink of an eye, the pressure belonging to a Spiritual Great Master charged straight towards Feng Chuge.

The forceful momentum heading her way only caused a brow to raise on Feng Chuge’s face.

A glimmer of light glowed and simultaneously, her protective shield surrounding her whole body was again upgraded.

A strong momentum against a powerful protective shield –

The two people reached a deadlock and remained so for a long while.

Feng Yuanhang has long been stupefied, but his pair of eyes were still screaming at Feng Chuge, vowing to take her down.

The other seven pairs were already completing their combat one by one.

Noticing that his surroundings was slowly settled down, Feng Yuanhang was in a hurry.

If this stand-off continues, when everyone’s all done, then all eyes would fall on him. He was afraid that hiding his power would then be impossible!

In a moment, the surging murder in his eyes once again blazed!

Not bad…..

Just kill Feng Chuge then and claim that it was an accident. By then, everything would be done with.

He gritted his teeth and released a more powerful momentum….

At this time, Feng Yuanhang has burned up all his strength and whipped at Feng Chuge!!

Feng Chuge never expected that Feng Yuanhang would actually come at her under the public’s scrutiny. Her eyes
turned sunken dark.

Since this was the case, then her protective shield was no longer useful.

Under the strong collision, Feng Chuge was driven straight back.

The sight of the powerful air current descending on her, Feng Chuge rolled on the ground to avoid it.

“Boom –” A resounding boom erupted, while Feng Yuanhang sailed to one side on the ground.

A huge hole burst forth in the ground on the space he had hit.

The people who were still watching the others fighting were suddenly stupefied by the changes on this side.

Just on the ground, they only saw Feng Yuanhang, who has always been modest and dignified, has entirely changed into a different person. His handsome face was now dark and murderous!

On the other hand, Feng Chuge on the other side, was looking at him nonchalantly….

“What’s kind of situation is this? What’s wrong with Feng Yuanhang? Wasn’t he going to help her pass the test?” Someone asked.

“Right? And I also heard some people saying that Feng Yuanhang is the brother of Feng Chuge… This….”

“Look at that hole, Feng Yuanhang must have used all of his strength. He really did it!”

All of a sudden, arguments arose from the stands.

Feng Yuanhang’s complexion turned remarkably pale. He snapped to his senses and realized the change in their audience.

He raised his head and was met with Feng Chuge’s sly stare.

“Feng Yuanhang, I warned you… Don’t be too arrogant.” Feng Chuge blinked in amusement. She took steps forward and when she was close to Feng Yuanhang, she whispered, “You can’t do this. As long as you follow the normal process for me to pass the test, then, I’ll just stay put. Everything might have even gone as you wished. But now….It’s a pity…”

Feng Yuanhang was still in a state of panic and couldn’t catch up with Feng Chuge’s meaning.

He stared blankly at Feng Chuge, who smiled strangely at him before retreating two steps. He mustered to say something, but a voice from afar interrupted him, “What a a brotherly love…. If you’re to insist on this, are you trying to prove to everyone that this girl is really strong?”

The deep voice rang out with overpowering arrogance.

With this sound flew a mysterious figure from afar.

His tall body crossed the air and finally settled down on the vacant side of the old man…..


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