Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Don’t try to push it, but try to drive it straight~

“Well, it’s all up to you… I’m sure you’ll do well and won’t let me down!”

As the old man’s words fell, the second round of test finally began.

Feng Yuanhang stood in front of Feng Chuge and stared at her coldly. “Feng Chuge, you want to enter Yuntian College, right?” Looks like… You’re out of luck…”

Feng Yuanhang shook his head with an indescribable undertone.

Since she wanted to enter Yuntian College, it would all partially be tied to him, coupled with the rules of the test, Feng Chuge’s fate was completely in his hands.

As long as he doesn’t want her in, she has no chance of winning against those eight!

How could Feng Chuge not know of Feng Yuanhang’s intent. She gently raised a brow, “If I want to go in, did you think you have a say?” Feng Chuge chuckled smugly. “Feng Yuanhang, it’s good if you think you being an intermediate Spiritual Great Master is good enough….. Intermediate Spiritual Great Master, your self-confidence is quite overdone, don’t you think?”

For Feng Chuge to be able to point out his level of strength at once, Feng Yuanhang was quite perplexed.

After all, only those who are stronger than themselves could identify others true strength!!



The crystal column clearly showed that Feng Chuge’s strength was only a senior Spiritual Master.

A senior Spiritual Master wasn’t an opponent of an Intermediate Spiritual Great Master at all!!

After a moment of deliberation, Feng Yuanhang suddenly came up with a reason.

In the college, no matter how tiny his improvement were, he would always send his mother and father a letter about it.

At present, Feng Chuge’s knowledge of his strength must have been when his parents have mentioned it.

Feng Yuanhang sneered….

“Feng Chuge, I won’t let you escape today. All debts, I’ll collect them one by one.”

The other combinations on the side have already started to move.

Feng Yuanhang no longer spared no time talking with Feng Chuge. He retreated step by step as his eyes glowed coldly.

He would never let Feng Chuge into Yuntian College either way!

Even today…. He must end her here!

It was even more fitting here on the testing site. Who could guarantee that there would be no accident?

The corner of his lips arched eerily….

When he raised his hand, his body instantly exuded a faint momentum.

As the old man has instructed earlier, their spiritual power must be slowly released. Seeing no reaction from Feng Chuge at all, Feng Yuanhang exerted more and more spiritual power.

Feng Chuge who was standing still in front of him, felt the oppression from head to toe.

A moment before, she has already released an invisible protective shield around her to resist Feng Yuanhang’s attack.

Until the moment when Feng Yuanhang would exert the power equal to a Spiritual Great Master, his attack was generally nothing to Feng Chuge!

“You… How could it be?” Feng Yuanhang stuttered as he looked in astonishment at Feng Chuge who remained motionless. He didn’t dare speak out his doubts.

It’s within reason that even others, Feng Chuge who was just a senior spiritual master should have fallen in a single swoop as he has already increased the spiritual power he mustered beyond that of a senior Spiritual Master.

But at the moment, Feng Chuge wasn’t affected at all!!

This…. This was just too incredible!

At Feng Yuanhang’s shock, Feng Chuge smiled in response.

“Young man, I told you before, don’t be too confident. Try the so-called ~~ Don’t try to push it, but try to drive it straight~”

Feng Yuanhang was once again stimulated by the deep taunt lurking in her darkened eyes.

His eyes flashed coldly. Following that, he gritted his teeth and upped his momentum, mobilizing the power of a Spiritual Great Master….

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  1. Thanks for the chapters.💖 I’m hoping that Murong Jing gets a taste of her own medicine. Putrefaction drug, was it?🤔🤭😈


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