EP – Chapter 135

Chapter 135: This sprite came out for the kill

Golden sunflowers were shoved shining brightly on his face.

Mu Tianye was slightly stunned. Then, the bouquet of flowers was slowly lowered down, revealing an enchanting face.

Her naturally exquisite facial features were more defined with make up. Those slightly exaggerated eye make up just broke the tedious lavish luxury of the hall. Her lips were faintly raised, playful and enigmatic.

Ning Xiaofei winked at the man, her feather-like long lashes exuding a rare feminine charm.

The little girl in front of him had the making of a sprite, with a touch of purity, devoid of the darkness of the world. These two clashing temperaments were perfectly merged, rousing the urge to take complete possession of her, but at the same time shower her with love and care.

Ning Xiaofei?

Forgive him, but having been always detached from women, Mu Tianye was at a loss for a few seconds.

“Disgusting!” Glancing at Gu Xinqi who was standing nearby, Ning Xiaofei prettily acted spoiled. She took another step forward and raising an arm to hook around Mu Tianye’s neck. She wound her arm on his neck and kissed him on the lips. “I just went to do my hair so I came late. Are you angry?”

The familiar taste with the lingering sweetness of honey.

Until this moment, Mu Tianye was trying to make sure that this tempting stunner was the little girl of his family.

He raised a hand to receive the bouquet and wrapped the other hand around her waist. He then proceeded to look her up and down.

New skirt, exotic make up and hairdo…..

It was obvious that she has indeed dressed up to look the part before coming. He decided to let her off, regardless of him being left waiting for so long.


“I knew you loved me the most!” Ning Xiaofei grabbed his arm and held on. Her eyes darted over to the Gu Xinqi and her father and blinked her eyes wide open at Gu Xinqi. “Is this not Miss Gu? I didn’t expect us to meet so soon!”

Gu Xinqi who witnessed this series of actions had her eyes glued on her dress early on.

When she first met Ning Xiaofei, she was still wearing those cheap clothes. There was no question that she intentionally was going against her.

This was enough to drive her up the wall. Although Gu Xinqi found it hard to admit, she has to say that the same dress was evidently much better on Ning Xiaofei.

Don’t worry about not knowing goods, but about comparing them. (Goods’ (or person’s) true value can only be determined through comparison) No matter which garment one puts on, the one who loses is the clown.

Gu Xinqi was the type with large skeletons and she was quite attractive wearing this retro style summer dress. It was undoubtedly extravagant with it’s layered hem. It was originally designed specially for girls with small bones. On her, it lost all its sense of elegance and luxury.

Put them together onstage, the difference could be instantly pointed out.

Gu Xinji has carefully selected this dress. Being compared to Ning Xiaofei, her mood can be imagined.

Just because she was so intimate with Mu Tianye and not knowing what identity she has, she didn’t dare target her.

“Yeah, what a coincidence.”

At the outset, Secretary Gu wanted to introduce her daughter. In case Mu Tianye fancies her, it would be a fast way of catching this dragon. Who knew that before his introduction could progress any further, a sprite has come out for the kill. Anger naturally rolled through his heart in the dark.

As he too was in the dark on this girl’s identity, of course, he couldn’t show it on his face. He smiled at Ning Xiaofei and tried to find out.

“Chief Mu, this is?”

He has never heard of him having a girlfriend before. But from her clothing and personal appearance, her daughter would surely lose out. He has to act swiftly or else someone might take a first landing.

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Mr. Mu is still entranced by his wife to pay attention to everyone else.
    This father and daughter pair are in for a rude awakening 😏

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