EP – Chapter 134

The upper class?

What a piece of crap!

Ning Xiaofei silently vomited in disgust.

Gu Xinqi captured her disapproving sneer in the opposite mirror. But she raised her arm to show off her new skirt.

“This is a new summer collection I just bought from the fifth floor. It’s the hottest Baroque style this year and priced for more than 7000 pieces. Can you style my hair like a retro princess?”

Beside her, after Ning Xiaofei’s stylist helped her blow her hair, she asked her what style she wanted. Ning Xiaofei glanced at Gu Xinqi who was about to be done.

“Copy hers!”

Which woman doesn’t want to be unique on her own. Ning Xiaofei listened to her bragging on attending the event across them. Since she would be heading there as well, why not deliberately beat her to her own words.

The moment Gu Xinqi heard her, her face instantly turned fiendish. She immediately turned sideways and glared at Ning Xiaofei.

“What did you say, copy?”

Ning Xiaofei blinked innocently. “This hair grows on my head. Whatever style I want, it’s none of your business. So shut it!”

Gu Xinqi was livid. But knowing that her hair was almost done, it was already too late for a change.

Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi’s frown! (东施效颦 – copying somebody, but gaining the opposite of the desired effect)

“Dong Shi doesn’t necessarily mean me!”

Can a snake’s face which has undergone the scalpel be compared to her natural beauty?

With the same hairstyle, the beauty is the winner. Ning Xiaofei as no doubts on her own assets.

Ye Qiao has once lamented that she need dress up like an angel nor make up like a fairy, but she can’t even compare to this mad snake?

Gu Xinqi wanted to retort but was interrupted by her phone’s ringing. Her father was urging her hurry.

“All right, I’ll be there soon.”

Gu Xinji gritted her teeth and turned round back on her seat.


She came here this time just to spruce up. She has no time to bicker with this little girl.

Shortly, the hair stylist finished doing her hair. Gu Xinqi hurriedly hooked her bag on her shoulder and glared at Ning Xiaofei before striding out of the beauty salon.

Teacher 9 and the other stylists approached Ning Xiaofei and apologized profusely, personally working together to finish her hairdo. They were truly grateful for Ning Xiaofei’s tolerance so they styled her hair even more attentively.

The receptionist also found their best beautician in the shop and offered to do Ning Xiaofei’s makeup.

Standing up, Ning Xiaofei saw her bright and charming self in the mirror and couldn’t help smiling. Carrying her flowers up, she went straight up to the fifth floor.

A new summer collection, was it?

Then, she just have to buy one too!



Shijia Building, VIP Room.

Mu Tianye glanced at the entrance to the hall, and his imperious eyebrows tightened.

She was just going to send flowers and it already took an hour. Even if she were to climb up and down from the first floor, wouldn’t she be here now?

Seeing his increasingly depressive visage, Zhou Tao was just helpless.

“Or, should I…. I go out and see?”

“Chief Mu!” Not waiting for Mu Tianye’s response, the General Secretary of the City Hall came with her daughter Gu Xinqi n tow. “Here, let me introduce you. This is my daughter Xinqi. She is also studied architecture. She has always regarded you as her own idol!”

Gu Xinqi has long been pestering his father. After seeing a photo of Mu Tianye, she has been obsessed. Now that she was seeing the real deal, she was giddy with excitement and even her palms were sweating. She shyly stretched a palm.

“Chief Mu, I have heard so much about you.”

Being stood up by Ning Xiaofei has already clouded Mu Tianye’s mood. This coy appearance now has worsened it.

“Excuse me.”

He swung around to leave when he saw a person’s shadow in front of him, then a bunch of flowers was handed to him.

“Dear, congratulations!”





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