TOCH – Chapter 302

Chapter 302: A flustered Bei Shaoye

His roar left ringing in the assistant’s ears, who couldn’t wrap his mind around what just happened.

Luo Yibei wasn’t known for being short-tempered. He was cold, expressionless, but moody was never his character, which rendered outsiders unable to guess his mood.

Being yelled at by him out of the blue, and thunderous at that, the assistant squirmed on his seat, holding his phone stiffly for a long time, trying to pull himself together.

Luo Yibei returned his attention in the dining room then at Fang Chixia, who was focused on her breakfast. His hand stretched and took ahold of her wrist.

Fang Chixia just glanced at his hand, quietly waiting for him to continue.

“That night’s thing, in fact…” Luo Yibei started again, but who knew that before he could form a sentence, another call came.

The toot toot sound accompanied the vibration of the phone, which was totally disturbing.

It was the same assistant.

Luo Yibei scowled. He answered the phone with a command, “Go submit your resignation tomorrow!”

He has lost cool and so with that cold order, he moved to end the call. Who knew that the assistant would answer back faintly, “But…can you let me finish the matter today first?”

Subsequently, Luo Yibei’s already gloomy face has now contorted.

This assistant, he doesn’t know whether to commend him for his courage or dedication.

“What?” He pressed the fire that was on the verge of breaking out and asked.

“This is the case. It was originally planned for Master Bei to attend an important meeting related to the new issue of jewelry, but the marketing department just sent news that the director of the department has some family issues and has taken a temporary leave and couldn’t attend the meeting. However, a lot of the statistics that you need this afternoon were with him. Would you like to come over before the meeting?”

After a moment of deliberation, Luo Yibei sighed and stood up.

Turning around, he headed outside when he caught a glimpse of Fang Chixia. He walked back and pulled her up.. “Let’s go together!”

Fang Chixia has been away from Rongxi for some days so she didn’t refuse.

She went with him into the company, accompanied him to take a large pile of watches from the marketing department. Luo Yibei simply held a trial and the meeting was held as usual in the afternoon.

Fang Chixia was his assistant and was his shadow in every meeting.

She took her role as usual. Before the meeting started, she sat in her position, lowered her head and concentrated on her records, without saying anything at all.

Several times during the meeting, Luo Yibei looked at her, silently taking in every twitch in her face.

On the contrary, Fang Chixia spared him no glance from the start.

This woman, when she ignores him, she really does it thoroughly!

What stoked his anger was after office hours!

After work, the two just came out of the company building, and somehow, she went running around Nice!

Fang Chixia has been sitting all day long, maintaining a serene expression. When she received a phone call from Tong Yan, her indifferent treatment facing Luo Yibei was instantly replaced with the full of joys of spring. “Great Treasure, how come you’re here?”

“For a job?”

“Where? Seaside?”

“Dead girl, wait for me. I’ll come soon!”

She spoke animatedly, her every word was filled with excitement. This feeling was absolutely poles apart from when she was facing Luo Yibei.

After receiving the car, she didn’t look at Luo Yibei. She chatted with Tong Yan and hailed a taxi.

TLN: Seems like it would take another chapter or so to get the answer…. Till her for now…

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Be adults and communicate, only then can the problem be resolved and prevent similar problems from occurring in the future. He has failed to realized the humiliation and embarrassment Fang Chixia has felt from that night and she has failed to communicate to him her grievances, instead she refuses to say anything and is only prolonging the problem. Both of them need to sit down and talk.

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  2. Omg noooooo, I need more!!!!!!! I went on a one day spree of reading this novel and now I have to wait? “Sniff””Sniff” “sniff”…. I should have wait till it was half way translated”sniff”… either way translators good job and keep up the good work because I’m HOOOk. She bettter give him the cold shoulders because he deserves it A LOT!


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