TOCH – Chapter 299

Chapter 299: Just because I am your husband

Luo Yibei raised a brow. He raised his hand and caught hers, placing them under her eyes, “Just, this!”

When he did so, her hand was held in an angle where Fang Chixia could clearly see hers and his ring on his ring finger.

Two rings with the same style, side by side formed a pair.

These were the wedding rings of the couple bought by Fang Chixia and which she has been wearing since their marriage.

Wearing it was simply for show when she returned to the Fang’s residence, to prove the existence of her marriage, and which gradually became a habit.

On the other hand, Luo Yibei has rarely worn it, this being one of those rare times.

The wedding rings were not as precious as diamonds. They were zircon, many grades lower than diamonds.

Like Luo Yibei, whose shirt buttons were made of pure diamonds, zircon would hardly appear in his life.

When Fang Chixia bought it, she never expected him to wear it. She didn’t even think that he would wear it with her one day.

Staring at his hand, Fang Chixia lost herself for a moment, but in just a few seconds snapped back to her senses.

“It doesn’t make any difference.” With that, she took off her ring nonchalantly and placed it in her clutch bag.

She turned around to leave but her wrist was once again caught by Luo Yibei.

“When I’m talking nicely, better respond nicely. Don’t force me to use coercive means.” His eyes smothered her profile, his words, thick with warning.

Fang Chixia brushed him off, shook off his arm and continued walking away.

Luo Yibei took long strides to keep up and regardless of the occasion they were in, swept her up.

With Fang Chixia’s slim build, carrying her up was done smoothly, but his pace remained fast as if there was nothing in his arms.

His arms surrounded her tightly, ironly clinging tightly around Fang Chixia’s body.

“Let me go!” Fang Chixia was infuriated. She raised an arm and hit him.

Her struggle resulted to Luo Yibei grabbing he arm and imprisoning it with her even more tightly.

She was no match with his strength and was left no room for a break.

Fang Chixia found his high-handedness intolerable. Her anger boiled up with his behavior and glared at him. She smiled mirthlessly, “What? Is Rongxi’s young master going to use force to deal with women now?”

Luo Yibei, who was focusing on his own path, glanced at her, his lips twitching in amusement. He answered faintly, “Is this force? Really, I still haven’t done anything yet!”

What an understatement. There was no shame in his heart at all. His tone was pure evil.

Fang Chixia’s face has always been calm this evening. But in this short while, her face flushed red and white with anger, her fingertips carving moon shape imprints on her palms.

Luo Yibei seemed pleased with her at the moment. Compared with her cold indifference, he felt that she was more pleasing to the eye now.

A faint glance swept across his face before he strode further away.

Fang Chixia didn’t struggle any more. It’s would be a useless struggle anyway. She kept her mouth shut the remaining time they went out.

Luo Yibei took her out of Du Lan’s mansion. He opened the door in the rear sea and placed her in, then sat next to her.

“Drive!” He ordered the driver in front as he closed the car door.


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  1. Thanks for the update!
    What can I say, she willingly threw herself in this problem when she decided to use him to save herself without really knowing him. You can say they’re both at fault.

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