Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Test prelude

Four out of five….

There was no doubt. Feng Chuge was doomed to enter Yuntian Academy!!

Murong Jing cheered as she slowed down….

When Feng Chuge walked beside her, Murong Jing instantly pasted a smile on her face, “Miss Feng, look. People from Yuntian Academy are watching us.”

“Yeah….” Feng Chuge replied deadpan, and continued walking.

Murong Jing stiffened lightly. When Feng Chuge was some distance away from her, she suddenly spoke loudly, “Miss Feng, you can’t bring maids inside. Miss Feng must have been used to being pampered at home. No? But didn’t you know of this rule?”

Her loud voice was just enough to catch the attention of He Lian Jin Yu and the people in the front row .

Feng Chuge slowly came to a hall. Her lips swayed up in a curve as if amused.

She couldn’t remember where she has offended this Murong Jing for her to keep on targeting her.

Although she didn’t see who was the culprit last night, she has clearly caught a whiff of that person’s breath.

That person was no other than Murong Jing!!

She turned around and confronted Murong Jing with a sardonic grin.

She raised a quizzical brow and retorted, “Miss must be mistaken. These three aren’t here to serve me.”

“Not to serve you? What are they here for then?”

“They came to the test site naturally to participate in the test. Did Miss go out last night and haven’t had a good sleep to ask such a stupid question?”

Feng Chuge’s answer made Murong Jing startled.

The sentence containing last night…. struck Murong Jing into a silence for a moment.

Feng Chuge’s eyes probed really too fiercely.

Murong Jing shivered lightly. She always had this hunch that Feng Chuge has discovered something.

But, that’s impossible!

Everything last night was carried out smoothly and perfectly. Murong Jing deduced that Feng Chuge simply haven’t found out anything.

That being so, Murong Jing’s clenched fists slackened. She sighed, “It’s my negligence. I didn’t expect them to join the test. So to speak, there will be eight of us who will be competing just for those four places. Oh… ah, this is really stressful. Miss Feng, you look so beautiful. Your strength must definitely be powerful. When the time comes, I hope you would let me off a few points. Don’t let me lose too badly.” Murong Jing also blinked mischievously, which made He Lian Jin Yu on the side admire her even more.

On the contrary, Feng Chuge’s unreasonable momentum turned him off and disgusted him to another level.

He really didn’t get it. How could his fifth brother think that this woman was very special?

She is clearly a sinister, narrow-minded vicious woman!!

Feng Chuge naturally noticed He Lian Jin Yu’s contempt, but she just hooked her lips and completely ignored it.

She swept him another glance and casually answered, “This competition is all about fairness. How could I possibly let you off? Miss, the test is about to begin. I’ll take my leave first~~”

Her remarks did not leave Murong Jing a little bit of room.

Murong Jing instantly tensed up.

Following Feng Chuge’s back, which grew distant, she revealed a smirk.

Feng Chuge…. What did you have to be proud of?

Just wait for the moment you use your power, you, will be completely finished!!

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