Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Some people are just jealous, that’s it ~~

“Feng Chuge, sixteen years old, senior Spiritual Master, for the first round of testing, pass -” the old man in charge of the test on the high platform announced.

Feng Chuger smirked lightly and then walked down.

She deliberately concealed her strength and only revealed until a Senior Spiritual Master.

She knew that if she were really to show all her true strength, it’s estimated that the people watching would be scared to death!

But….. Senior Spiritual Master at 16 years of age, this kind of strength, should also be considered remarkable.

Sure enough, Feng Chuge just walked off the arena when she saw He Lian Jin Yu’s iron-green face.

It was not until she were to pass by him when He Lian Jin Yu called out, —

“Feng Chuge, just how much have you hid from me? How much more do you have that I don’t know?”

“Wangye, we are not that familiar. Why should I hide anything from you?”

A burst of irritability flooded He Lian Jin Yu’s heart at Feng Chuge’s indifference. He roared out loud, “Feng Chuge…. At the end of the day, you were once this prince’s fiancee!!”

This sentence alone made Feng Chuge thoroughly disgusted.

In the end, some people are just jealous, that’s it, ah~~~~

She lectured, “Right, once. Since it was a thing in the past, Wangye shouldn’t mention it later, saving others from thinking we are that familiar!”

Her statement once again drew a line between their relationship.

“Feng Chuge…. you…”

Feng Chuge was simply too lazy listening to He Lian Jin Yu so she drifted away.

He Lian Jin Yu’s self-confidence experienced another beating from Feng Chuge…..

“Wangye, are you alright?” Murong Jing looked up at He Lian Jin Yu on the side.

He Lian Jin made no response.

He once thought that he was extremely disgusted with Feng Chuge. However, just now, he suddenly found himself in the wrong….

Murong Jing has been keeping watch on He Lian Jin Yu from the start and has clearly got a view on He Lian Jin Yu’s attitude towards Feng Chuge.

“Wangye, rest assured. Feng Chuge will definitely fail at the second round…”

On the second round, that drug will certainly take effect.

By then, watch how fascinating Feng Chuge would be!!


Zilan and the othet two has also passed the first round. As expected, Feng Chuge had the highest strength among them.

Above the grandstand, another discussion was underway.

“A senior spiritual master, although not that high, but a sixteen-year-old senior spiritual master is also a young genius~”

“Yeah…. Aside from being beautiful, she’s also talented. She’s really a rare talent (sigh)”

“Eh? What’s this girl’s name again? Feng…. Feng Chuge?”

“Yes, Feng Chuge. Surnamed Feng… Isn’t she from the Feng Family of Tianqi? Isn’t there a Feng talent in our class?” Someone finally made a connection and exclaimed. He turned around and looked at the back, at the man who remained silent all throughout. “Yuanhang, aren’t you also from the Feng Family? That Feng Chuge, is she your younger sister?”

The silent man’s eyes slightly shook. An unfathomable flash of emotions flowed across his eyes. After a long while, he only nodded, “Yes.”

“That’s great. You, you have such a superb younger sister, but never mentioned her. My buddy, I will rely on you to be my bridge.”

And Feng Yuanhang just sat quietly at the back, his thin lips were stretched tight, with nobody knowing what he was thinking.

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