Chapter 100

Chapter 100: My Number One goddess.

“Oh oh oh — the test is about to start.” The crowd above stood up and became vocal when they saw Feng Chuge preparing for the test.

“Just now, looking afar, I felt that that woman in blue is very beautiful. Now that she is upclose, she really is too stunning. Hey, do you know who that girl is?”

“I don’t know…. It should be known once the test begins…”

“I decided. From today onwards, Yan Qing sister has been reduced to my second goddess. This blue dressed sister is my number one goddess —-“

The crowd rattled on in their benches until the test began. The talents gradually settled down.

The first part of the test tests strength.

Only those who are Spirit Masters are qualified to enter the second round of testing.

A cylindrical crystal column was placed at the center of the field.

Every candidate for the test must inject spiritual power into the crystal column.

Whatever level of spiritual power they have, the liquid in the crystal column will rise to that height.

The two men who came together with Murong Iing first went to test. As mentioned by Feng Chuge before, one was a mid-level spiritual master, while the other was a junior spiritual master.

After the two men were tested, Murong Jing and He Lian Jin Yu also made their way to the crystal column to inject their own force.

The crystal column eventually stopped at the primary level of a spiritual master.

“Oh… I didn’t expect the strength of the man ranked fifth on the men’s list to be so, ah….” Someone couldn’t help but blurt out when his expectations on He Lian Jin Yu proved to be too high.

You must know that in the academy, Yun Qianche, who ranked second in the list, has now reached the mid-level of a Spiritual General, and Lan Jun Ao, who was ranked fourth, was now also an intermediate Spiritual Sect/Spiritual Great Master.

They were both top geniuses in the academy.

As a consequence, everyone’s expectation on He Lian Jin Yu was extremely high.

He Lian Jin Yu was originally complacent about his ability to meet Yuntian Academy’s entry requirements. But keenly able to capture those disappointed voices, his expression changed slightly.

Finally, it was Feng Chuge’s turn….

Feng Chuge set foot on the crystal platform. After she reported her name to the old man on the high platform not far away, she stretched her hands forward…..

At the palms of her hand, an invisble force escaped

Spiritual force slowly seeped into the crystal column from her palms.

With the injection of spiritual power, the brown liquid in the crystal column kept rising.

Primary Spiritual Master…..

Intermediate Spiritual Master…

When it reached the intermediate Spiritual Master level, the liquid didn’t stop but still slowly rose up.

“This woman in blue seems to be the most powerful among this bunch!”

“She should be…”

The whispers of the crows were all transmitted to He Lian Jin Yu’s ears. His clenched fists were tightened even more so.

At the palace banquet that day, he finally found out that Feng Chuge wasn’t a waste and that she could cultivate.

Despite that, he has never paid her any attention.

She was the one who took care of the Master of the Shui Family as well as Shui Yuer.

But then again, He Lian Jin Yu only attributed it to Feng Chuge’s means of using poison to subdue them easily.

He has never imagined that Feng Chuge’s strength would actually be high.

At this moment…..

While looking at the crystal column still on the rise, He Lian Jin Yu could only castigate himself for this huge mistake —

His face, little by little, turned gray.

His fists on both sides were also tightly gripped.

Finally, with a “Senior Spiritual Master” cue, He Lian Jin Yu snapped back to his senses….

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