EP – Chapter 133

Chapter 133: This is my seat.

Trotting all the way to the shopping center across the building, Ning Xiaofei hurriedly looked for a beauty salon at the top floor.

“Miss, who are you looking for?”

The receptionist saw her ordinary clothes with her bouquet and thought that she was a little girl delivering flowers.

“I’m not here to deliver flowers. I want to have my hair done suitable for a formal occasion. Help me find a better beautician. Money is not a problem.”

“Okay.” The receptionist smiled at her. “Please come in!”

She led her in politely and introduced her to a hairdresser.

“This is our best director. She’s called Teacher 9. Whatever you need, just ask her.”

With that simple intro, 9 assigned another assistant to wash her hair.

Putting the bouquet on the table, Ning Xiaofei followed the assistant and went to the back room to wash her hair. After a moment of washing, she was directed to sit in a chair in front of the hairdresser. She was about to take a seat when another person moved in a flash and plopped her butt on her chair first.

The girl inspected her own make up in the mirror and dabbed her lips with her fingers.

“Go and ask your teacher to come over. I’m in a hurry.”

“Miss, you must have gotten it wrong. I’m not an assistant, and…” Ning Xiaofei politely explained, “This is my seat.”

“Your seat?” The girl turned to face her and looked her up and down. She noticed her cheap T-shirt and jeans and delicately manicured fingers fished a card from her purse then waved it in front of her, “When you have the money to fill this gold card, say that this is your seat!”

“Miss Gu.” The front desk receptionist held a glass of water and handed it to the girl. She too, took a polite tone, “I am sorry, Teacher 9 is going to serve this lady first. You need to wait a little while.”

“Yes, Miss Gu, this guest came first.” The assistant assigned by Teacher 9 smiled and chimed in.

On the side, Ning Xiaofei raised a quizzical brow in the mirror.

This girl, known as Miss Gu, immediately turned sullen, “I have to attend an important event. If you delay my business, can you afford the responsibility or, do you want me to call your boss?’


The receptionist and the hairdresser were silenced.

Miss Gu’s whole name is Gu Xinqi. Her father is a high-ranking figure in the city. She is also an important customer in their shop. Furthermore, she was very familiar with their bosses. Of course, they dared not offend her.

“Miss, I’m sorry.” The receptionist apologetically grasped Ning Xiaofei’s arm and said sorry repeatedly. “Otherwise, I’ll arrange another hairdresser for you. I promise you the best.”

One of 9’s assistants also looked at her sheepishly, “Wait for me. I’ll give you a 20% discount. Is it okay?”

Ning Xiaofei looked at Gu Xinqi and did not bother.

She has long been exposed to this kind of arrogance. These workers were just doing their job to feed themselves. She wasn’t looking into making things difficult or let people lose their jobs.


The front desk receptionist gratefully led her to the side and poured water for her as she helped her on a chair. She again apologized and then called another stylist to serve her.

9 who saw everything smiled gratefully at her and returned to the girl’s side.

“Miss Gu, what hairstyle do you want?”

Gu Xinqi raised her chin and looked haughtilly at Ning Xiaofei. “There is an event at Shejia Building. Dad has invited me over. You don’t know. In the upper class, there’s endless entertainment activities every day. It really tires me to death!”

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