EP – Chapter 131

Chapter 131: Was it really just a coincidence?!

The figure that appeared was Pei Ruoxi, which gave Ning Xiofei a surprise.

Pei Ruoxi, why was she there?!

“….. Do you have anything else to ask?” Wang Cheng across here inquired.

“Oh!” Ning Xiaofei regained her gaze. “I am clear about these. Can you tell me who the person in charge of this New Century is?”

Wang Cheng smiled. “All this time, are you till joking with me? If you hadn’t talked to Chief Mu, there’d be no way we are talking business now!”

Chief Mu?

“You mean…” Ning Xiaofei’s eyes were wide open, “Mu Tianye?”

Wang Cheng nodded, “You know that the New Century Plaza has yet to make an announcement regarding it being Mr. Mu’s investment. We’ve been keeping this under wraps. No matter what, your credit for this is indispensable. If Chief Mu hasn’t gone over your proposal, this business wouldn’t go as smoothly as it is.”

From the onset of the column’s organization, Fengyun Media has been looking for investors and they’ve gone to Chief Mu for countless times.

This time, the big man has finally agreed to come down, but also specifically mentioned that he liked Ning Xiaofei’s plan. Naturally, Fengyun Media thought that because Ning Xiaofei took the initiative to find Mu Tianye and promoted her plan for a collaboration, it has come to fruition.

In order to win the land, Mu Tianye deliberately injected funds to a new company, using his company’s name to let other competitors retreat, and then bidding in the name of the new company, successfully lowering the land price at the auction and ended up saving at least 10 millions of funds.

The whole plan was mobilized by Mu Tianye. The New Century Plaza, such a black horse killed at the auction, such a big hand immediately attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. Journalists have also reported the win in their own platforms thus allowing the New Century free advertising.

Such stroke of luch that can increase publicity without spending money, Mu Tianye certainly wouldnt let go, so the investor was deliberately concealed and was never been publicized.

The concealment was nothing more that a commercial strategy.

Fengyun Media was also aware of this operational plan since they have collaborations.

To ensure a blockbuster effect after its launching, before Mayday, no news of it was leaked to the outside world, and Fengyun Media also signed a confidentiality agreement with Mu.

Therefore, Fengyun Media’s CEO sent his personal assistant Wang Cheng to personally negotiate this matter with Ning Xiaofei, even Producer Xu was kept in the dark.

“This cooperation requires absolute confidentiality so Miss Ning should pay more attention. Never mention a word of this cooperation to anyone so as not to cause adverse affects on Mu.”

“Oh…Okay. No problem.” Ning Xiaofei sluggishly recovered from her shock. “I understand.”

“That’s it. I will be going back to report to the boss. If you have any other questions, feel free to call me.”

Ning Xiaofei sent Wang Cheng out of the column group door and returned to her seat.

Her fingers tapped on her computer, but her mind was still lingering on the matter.

Mu Tianye has agreed. He actually promised to attend her program. Was his agreement really related to her?

But, she has never mentioned the name of her show. How could he have known it was her program? Their marriage has never been made clear to the outside world so it would be impossible for Fengyun media to mention her.

Was it really a coincidence?!

The screen of her computer lit up and the dialog box for deletion was displayed.

Without hesitation, she pressed the delete button. Ning Xiaofei’s eyes landed on her phone on the table and thought about calling Zhou Tao.

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