Chapter 98

Chapter 98: You’re so obsessed with yourself, have you taken a good look at yourself?

Although Yuntian Academy was a school that all young and middle-aged men and women in the three countries want to enter, it was boring through and through to live within it.

There was no other source of fun in the day except for the practice test.

As today was a rare happening, everybody flocked in the venue to take part in the gaiety.

“I heard that the beautiful man who ranked fifth on the list of the most beautiful men is coming.~~” A few women gathered together chattered. “If so, among the five on the list, three would have already entered our academy…”

“But being the fifth, what’s the point of it? Don’t forget, we’ve been watching the second in the list for so long. If you ask me, I should look forward to the first beautiful man in the men’s list, Di Jue Chen.” A woman said, slightly raising a brow, showing a prideful look. “If the second already looked as deadly as that, I really couldn’t imagine how Di Jue Chen would surpass our brother Yun….”

“Don’t expect to see the one on top of the list. The man is a master of Tiandifu, how could he grace us with his presence?” Another woman interjected.

“Well, it’s a shame….If only I can catch a glimpse of Di Jue Chen….”

The women’s arguments was heard by several men on the side.

They scoffed at the women in disgust, “With how the way you look, aren’t you afraid of being made a joke? You came talking crazy in the academy, haven’t you taken a good look at your family’s looks?”

Those women glared at them.

Just then, someone made a sound.

“Quickly, look. The candidates and a fellow female apprentice have arrived —“

Following the sound, everyone faced the entrance of the testing ground.

A group of men and a woman were walking through the entrance.

At the forefront were the three from Xi Wu and Jin Yue.

With He Lian Jin Yu close behind.

And finally, Feng Chuge made up the rear adding to the four of them.

Along with their arrival, came the shooting glances of the women in the crowd at He Lian Jin Yu.

Although he was ranked fifth in the men’s list and wasn’t comparable to their brother Yun, he was still a feast for the women’s eyes.

As for the men, their eyes were glued on Feng Chuge behind the group.

Feng Chuge was wearing and aqua dress, a blue silk bound her hair with a white jade hairpin pinned in it. Her black hair were scattered messily on her shoulders enhancing her already resplendent but chilly countenance. Her whole person was a wonder to behold.

More importantly was the lazy cat lying on her arms, which brought a mysterious air around her.

Such beauty, not to mention in the entire Yuntian Academy was unprecedented. In the whole continent, she’s definitely one of the best.

Just a glance at her resulted to exchanging glances from the men…..

The group of women nearby who were picked upon by the men previously now has their turn to scoff at them. “Men are said to be a set of animals~~~Ai, What hypocrites. Did you have a good look at yourselves?”

These men were completely in trance at the woman in blue not far away, that they shielded any kind of interference from the outside world, lightly sighing at this masterpiece…..

“Beautiful, just too beautiful -“

By the time they entered the test site, the group of people had noticed the sighs of the crowd around them.

Listening to the praises sang around them, Murong Jing’s eyes only brightened with contempt.

How about being beautiful?

That Feng Chuge was doomed to enter Yuntian Academy!

The drug she has given her last night was colorless and tasteless.

Once Feng Chuge uses a little bit of spiritual power, it will immediately take effect!!

3 thoughts on “Chapter 98”

  1. Thx 4 the update:) Well, it just made clear just how absolutely stunning she is. Lol. Also, can’t wait to see her face when she realize the powder didnt work. 🙂


  2. I was recommended this blog via my cousin. I am now not positive whether or not this put up is written by way of him as no one else realize such particular about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thank you!


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