Chapter 97

Zilan has long been in the advanced level of a Spirit Master.

Although Luzhu and Biluo weren’t as strong as Zilan, their strength were also high. One is an intermediate Spirit Master and the other is about to break through to the advanced level of a Spirit Master.

This kind of strength was more than enough to deal with those two people.

“Miss, have you noticed earlier? The only woman among the three has vicious eyes. Luzhu has always had this feeling that she would play tricks…” Among the three maids, when it comes intellect, Luzhu is the most meticulous. Naturally, she could tell just by the look at the lady’s eyes.

Since their Young Miss and He Lian Jin Yu’s appearance, that woman has always looked strangely at their Miss.

It hinted of envious hatred at the same time firmness.

After keeping it to herself for some time, she finally blurted it out.

“Are you afraid of what she might do? If she were to do anything untoward us, she’d be digging her own grave? Biluo responded.

“You’re right…” Luzhu mused for a moment, then again spoke.

“All right… Forget it… Your Young isn’t one to be bullied!” Feng Chuge lightly said with eyes still closed.

In a moment, the whole room was slowly restored to silence.

As the night deepened….

At three in the morning.

Silence reigned everywhere.

But in this piece of silence, a black figure swept through the air.

The figure man in black was slightly thin. His whole person swiftly flipped through the air and finally landed straight at the roof where Feng Cuge was located.

Simultaneously, the four people in the room opened their eyes.

The same was true of Feng Chuge. Her dark pupil glittered with cold brightness in the dark…..

They were completely aware of every sinister creak on the roof tiles.

They didn’t expect that Luzhu’s premonition came too fast.

Snow Meatball rolled and curled up to one side and after a moment, it suddenly opened its mouth for a meow.

Its blue eyes were glowing with a mysterious glint.

One of the roof tiles was lifted with catlike tread, but none of it escaped the attention of everyone in the room.

Then, from above the roof, a faint smoke dispersed inward.

It took only a sniff for Feng Chuge to identify its contents.

A cold smirk settled on her lips….

This is….. hua gong san! (Putrefaction drug – It’s hard to find the right translation for this.)

When the fog was about to touch everyone in the room, Feng Chuge unfurled an invisible momentum. A gust of wind passed by, just enough to push the fog to one side.

Tonight was a full moon. The moonlight spilled into the room given Murong Jing a clear view of the people lying on their beds fast asleep and motionless.

She continued to stay on the roof for a while, unaware of anything amiss within the room.

The pride shining in her eyes glittered endlessly.

Until the time she felt it was almost done, her petite figure leaped up and soared through the air, leaving without a trace…..


When the sun shone through the seams of the trees and scattered to the ground, the entrance test has begun.

The large open space at the foot of Yuntian Academy was now brimming with liveliness.

In the past, there were never more than four people who came to the entrance test every time. However, this time around, there were so many people at once, which meant that this test would no longer be as boring as it used to be.

For this reason, people in Yuntian Academy came out to join in the fun.

The benches around the open ground was almost filled with people…..

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