EP – Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Unrequited love?

On the first day of May this year, the New Century Plaza will be officially launched and will be the largest entertainment center in the entire city of A.

At that time, the family of three of the Ji family have also discussed this project, saying that this was an investment from a newly established company. As billions were spent on it, each inch of the land was treated gold. Ji Jing had a model analysis that funds certainly came overseas….

“Do you have any information?”

“Fengyun International will send you the specific information when you arrive at the TV station.”


Ning Xiaofei promised without hesitation.

Although she has no idea who the guest would be, but as long as she can get a clear understanding of his background, a week would be enough for her to prepare.

Ning Xiaofei simply washed her face and carried her bag, hurrying downstairs.

“Young lady?” Sister Liu chased after her from the laundry room. “Your hand is hurt. Do you want me to accompany you?”

“I’m going to the company. It’s not suitable to take you with me. Rest assured, I am just going to get some documents. It doesn’t matter.”

Ning Xiaofei replied with a smile as she opened the door and flew out of the apartment.

She soon rushed into the station and because it was the weekend, the office was quiet. The staff from Fengyun Media have yet to arrive. She moved to her seat and took out the computer out of her bag. She wanted to check out some information on the New Century Plaza project when an email reminder on the screen reminded of her of another matter.

Xu Yang said that the U disk contained a sample of Xicheng’s new song. He repeatedly reminded her that she must delete any copies and absolutely can’t leak it out.

She and Xicheng was at war at that time and with her running around in recent days, she completely forgot about it.

She quickly entered her mailbox to delete her copy when somebody called out outside.

“Anyone there?”


Ning Xiaofei quickly clicked the delete button, and got up andto greeted the person outside. A young man in a suit came in.

“You must be Miss Ning. I am Wang Cheng from Fengyun Media.”

The two simply shook hands and Ning Xiaofei led him to the conference room. She poured him a glass of water while Wang Cheng took out the documents he brought with him to her.

“Have a look at it first. If you have any concerns, I can answer them right away.”


Ning Xiaofei opened the file with her left hand and leafed through it carefully.

Inside the office, Pei Ruoxi’s gaze landed on NIng Xiaofei’s chair the moment she entered the door from the elevator. She raised a skeptical brow and moved towards it.

On the screen, there was a confirmation box asking if she was sure to delete.

Ning Xiaofei just clicked on the delete button, but the system didn’t perform so immediately. Instead, a confirmation box popped up.

Looking left and right, Pei Ruoxi made sure nobody was around before bending down for a closer look at the email title.

“Xicheng’s U disk backup file?”

She cancelled the box and quickly scrolled down to see the attachments stored in several audio files. The first one was entitled, “Unrequited love.”

Unrequited love?

Was this the new song Xicheng would soon release. This has yet to be listed, but it actually appeared in Ning Xiaofei’s mailbox.

Recalling the phone call from Xichen before, Pei Ruoxi suddenly thought of something.

Sweeping a glance outside, she quickly pinched the mouse and entered her own email then pressed the send button. She deleted the sent history and returned the screen to where it was before. Then she carried her bag and strutted out of the office.

Meeting room.

Ning Xiaofei heard the high-heeled footsteps outside and raised her face from the documents to look outside the door.



5 thoughts on “EP – Chapter 130”

  1. Ning XiaoFei, another case of derpy new worker who doesn’t make a habit to password lock her computer/laptop when stepping away regardless if surroundings seem empty/secure if or when theres any private/confidential data in play…. Such a fool to not have encrypted the email of the backup file she stole too …. Shake my head at such carelessness when these are basic steps to learn about data privacy with technology now that it’s so widespread to have encryption and password protection (goes double for that singer guy not enceypting his data backup /flash drive)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She’s working in the office that people coming in and out and her computer/laptop have important files …. first she should have a passcode in her computer/laptop to avoid her file not being stolen or copied second she should know that if you deleting some file the machine always asking you to confirm it and her she is leaving right away because someone is calling her not even turn off her computer before leaving ……. She’s so careless and expect another trouble on her way …….
    Thank you for the update 🙂


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