TOCH – Chapter 293

Chapter 293: Surprised him yet again

R country

When the helicopter took flight, Fei Si Nuo circled around the Chris Castle and then later flew to other domains of the city.

The altitude of his flight was not very particularly high, probably for a better view of the scenery below.

The aerial view of the landscapes from the top was much different. The atmosphere from the ground was far more spectacular, shocking.

Fang Chixia sat quietly beside him, her eyes glued on his hands.

Every maneuver that Fei Si Nuo exercised from the start were clearly painted in her memory.

Fei Si Nuo was surprised by her fascination and suggested, “Do you want to give it a try?”

“Yeah.” Fang Chixia nodded, replacing his hand on the joystick and taking over his seat at the pilot’s position.

“Take ahold of this first. This is the collective-pitch lever and the cyclic stick. The collective-pitch lever can make the changes the pitch angles of all the main rotor blades, thus allowing changes in the state of motion of the helicopter…..”

Fei Si Nuo stood behind her, leaned over with his arms propped on both sides of her body, while giving her a serious explanation on operating the engines.

Fang Chixia took in everything easily, from the engine, speeding up, ascent and descent, every step was accurately performed, giving the impression that she was familiar with it.

Fei Si Nuo was astounded. He was surprised yet again to see her freely maneuvering the plane’s flight. The arc at the corners of his lips slowly firmed into a line.

This girl never ceased to amaze him!

“The air in the sky is really good!” He yawned openly and stopped giving her directions. He simply gave her free rein to fly.

He wasn’t afraid of any accidents. On the contrary, he was more confident that she would cope with any unexpected events. He sat lazily on the co-pilot seat and even leaned on Fang Chixia’s shoulder for a nap.

This sudden action however provoked dissatisfaction from Fang Chixia as she elbowed him. “You’re blocking my hand.”

Fei Si Nuo ignored her and gently closed his eyes. He crossed his arms around his 1.89 meter height body with ease.

Fang Chixia nudged at him twice, but with no further inappropriate advances from he, she just let him be.

The helicopter flew slowly across the sky and when the altitude was just getting low, Fang Chixia’s hand missed a turn and the next thing happened.

Later, it ascended up high and rushed into the clouds.

Fei Si Nuo raised his head and couldn’t help smirking.

Her head is truly exceptional!

Nice, airport.

Luo Yibei arrived a few hours after receiving the call. When he exited the airport, a middle-aged man was already waiting outside with a few men.

“Excuse me for letting Mr. Dulan wait a long long.” Luo Yibei greeted him.

“How could you say that, Bei Shaoye? Your being here is totally Du Lan’s honor!” Du Lan gallantly let him walk ahead with hints of awe.

The group left the airport and then headed straight to a certain residence in the city.

Du Lan was an aristocrat in R Country, a celebrity in the social circle and had also several business transactions with the Luo Family. He has his own business in China, but has always relied on the Luo Family’s help. So, his attentiveness to Luo Yibei was justified.

When he invited him to his home, it was as if he has invited His Holiness and his service was given special attention.

After taking a seat, Luo Yibei directly asked, “Would you do me a favor?”




5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 293”

  1. A favor???? This is going to be a “BIG” favor.How does he think he’s going to get Chixia away from the castle if she returns? Her heart is not into returning to him. Will reveal the marriage?


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