TOCH – Chapter 292

Chapter 292: Got news of her

Fei Si Nuo chatted very casually with her, “How are you with getting accustomed to living here?”

“Very well, thank you.” Fang Chixia replied.

Fei Si Nuo took her plate and gracefully helped her cut the meat into small chunks, then pushed the plate back to her, “Then stay however long you want.”

“Thank you.” Fang Chixia looked at him and continued her meal.

Fei Si Nuo stared at her for a while and asked, “Was this decision made to fight with Luo Yibei?”

Fang Chixia was startled and couldn’t help but lift her face up.

She shook her head and a bitter smile touched the corners of her lips, “Why did you think so? Coming here was just for my own sake and has nothing to do with anyone else.”

She meant to say that she has no heart for a man who was too indifferent as to turn her over to others without hesitation.

How could a man with such a heart be beaten just because she left with another man?

“Finish your breakfast first. I’ll show you around here when you’re done!” Fei Si Nuo probed no more. He placed his cutlery down and just leaned back on his chair.

After solving breakfast for a few minutes, Fei Si Nuo took her away from Chris Castle.

Fang Chixia thought that his so-called show around was nothing more than a walk around the castle. Against all her expectations, he led her to a helicopter with the intent of piloting the it.

Fang Chixia boarded the helicopter in a daze. What made her even more dumbfounded the moment she moved a step on board was the pure white color that hit her eyes.

There were Rubus Coronarius flowers scattered around the cabin, paving the entire floor. The snowflake-like blooms were sprinkled everywhere as that of a roadside flower shop, radiant, shiny white that absolutely absorbs your eyes once your sight flutters by. The outside world seemed to disappear in it’s purity and nothing was left behind but a sea of snowy flowers.

“Do you like it? Let me give it to you!” Fei Si Nuo picked one from the branches and sent it to her.

The flowers he prepared for her was quite special. Others generally send flowers as elegant as red roses or orange and purple bell flowers, or forget-me-not and so on. But, here he was, sending her Rubus Coronarius instead (the best I could find for this flower – 荼蘼) instead.

Being clever, Fang Chixia stared at the flower in his hand in a fluster and quickly understood what he meant.

The blooming of a Rubus Coronarius signifies a new beginning after the bitter end of the past, this was the exact meaning of the flower!

The end of the past!

“I like it very much, thank you.” Fang Chixia received what he handed over and took a sniff of its fragrance.

In truth, there was no need for Fei Si Nuo to choose this distinctive flower.

She and Luo Yibei have never started. What was there to end?

“Sit by me.” Fei Si Nuo made no other response and led her to the co-pilot seat in the cockpit.

Fang Chixia followed behind him and buckled herself safely.

Fei Si Nuo manned the helicopter with dazzlingly. The engine was spurred, the speed increased, the fuselage went straight up, the joystick was pushed forward and the helicopter soared high in the air.



After a day’s worth of inquiry, the person sent out by Luo Yibei called him again.

“Luo Shao, found it!” The man’s voice was a bit agitated due to relief.


If the information wasn’t wrong, Master Fei Si Nuo and the lady should be in Chris Castle, the southern suburbs from the capital of R country!”

His five fingers holding the phone clenched tightly, his eyes flashing with gloom.

Chris Castle!




5 thoughts on “TOCH – Chapter 292”

  1. Yibei won’t have access to the castle. It doesn’t matter anyway. They aren’t there anymore.

    Thank you for this translation of this novel.


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