TOCH – Chapter 291

Chapter 291: First night at Chris Castle

“The one in front is the bathroom. This is the living room. This is the dressing room….” Several maids led her into a huge room for a turn.

Fang Chixia followed them, quietly considering the room as they walked.

“Because there has never been a female guest who stayed in the castle before, there are only a few sets of clothes in the room. It is the temporary arrangement of the young master before coming back. The preparation was a bit hasty. Miss can use the pajamas and outdoor clothes for the meantime. Right, by tomorrow, we’ll probably be helping you sort everything out.” A maid explained the room with familiarity.

“It doesn’t matter.” Fang Chixia wasn’t so concerned.

“Miss should be very tired and it’s very late now. Would you like to take a bath before resting?” Probably in fear of her relationship with Fei Si Nuo, the maids here maintained a respectful, humble and polite manner all the time as compared by the maids from Luo Yibei and Xiao Zuo.

“Well, you all go out first. I’ll the rest myself.” Fang Chixia requested.

The maids bowed to her before quietly retiring.

Fang Chixia entered the bathroom and locked the door for a soak in the bathtub. The water temperature was totally warm, but the bottom of her heart was cold to the bone.

Most especially when Luo Yibei’s face came to mind!

It wasn’t that she wanted to leave with Fei Si Nu, but this was at least her own choice. It was much better than being regarded as a chip.


When Luo Yibei left the ship, he wasn’t conscious of the time. The sun was peaking at the horizon and it seemed about to rise.

The empty villa that greeted him evoked an inexplicable emptiness in his heart….

He made his way to the living room and sat heavily on the sofa. He opened his mobile phone and made a call.

“Check out Fei Si Nuo’s itinerary and report it within the day!”

“Understood, Luo Shaoye.”

After the brief call, the two parties hung up.

After a few hours, the same person called again.

He has taken a cautious stance and his words were carefully relayed, “Luo Shao, many of our people have been deployed. However, there was no information related to Master Fei Si Nuo’s travels. Even his airport entry and exit have been checked and there was no record of him back home. The surveillance video that was sent only showed his brief appearance outside the airport with a young lady. But after that, there was nothing else. Our initial guess was that his team hacked the system after he left.”

Luo Yibei remained silent but the air around him has dropped down to a biting coldness.

“The place were Fei Si Nuo often resides.” That chilly reminder ended the call.

Chris Castle.

Fang Chixia slept comfortable on her first night and awakened very early the next day.

Fei Si Nuo has directly conveyed his stand. She was originally worried, but since the issue she was most concerned has been put down, she let herself relax.

She got up in the morning and went downstairs. Fei Si Nuo was at the dining table so she naturally greeted him, “Good morning!”

“Good morning.” Fei Si Nuo raised his face and beamed with his iconic smile, warm and enchanting.

Fang Chixia took a seat and waited for the maid next to her to lay down the cutlery. Afterwards, she sat across Fei Si Nuo and soundlessly consumed her breakfast.



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