Chapter 96

Chapter 96:  Inferior people

The crowd followed the old man and headed into one direction. After entering a yard, they came to a halt.

The old man turned around and addressed everyone.

“Everyone of you will be staying here tonight. If there’s anything you need, feel free to ask me. I’m only outside the yard.”

The old man paused and continued, “Rest early everyone so that you will be at your best tomorrow. Then, I will take my my leave.”

The old man took another deep look at Feng Chuge before he turned and left.

He Lian Jin Yu stepped forward the moment the old man’s figure disappeared.

“Feng Chuge, it’s seems I really underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to even have acquaintances at Yuntian Academy… I have to say… Your skills are really extensive.”

Feng Chuge’s lips formed a line. “Are you mad that you don’t have this ability? Forget it, you don’t have to be so mortified when you’re inferior, right?”

She sneered and faced her three maids. “Let’s retire to our room –“

He Lian Jin Yu stood in the same place, watching Feng Chuge and her maids depart, a range of strange looks filling the the bottom of his eyes…..

It was also at this same moment that a little bit shy voice from the side sounded —

“Excuse me, are you the Third Prince of Tianqi?”

He Lian Jin Yu composed himself and turn to his side. A stunning woman was standing near him.

He nodded, “Exactly.”

Murong Jing’s face reddened even more from shyness. “I’ve heard that the third prince of Tianqi is ranked fifth in the list of the most beautiful men. Now that I’ve personally seen you, it’s really true….. Is the prince also trying for Yuntian Academy?”

Feeling the respect of the woman in front of him, in a flash, the self-confidence and self-esteem that have taken a blow from Feng Chuge earlier, all recovered.

He blinked and nodded, “Right.”

“Then, we might become brother and sister later on.” Murong Jing was excited. “Did that Feng Chuge girl came with you, your highness?”

He Lian Jin Yu’s forehead creased.

The thought of Feng Chuge filled his mind with animosity.

His silence prompted Murong Jing not to ask anymore and just continued, “I noticed the old man treating the lady Feng differently. It must be that the girl has extraordinary strength….”

He Lian Jin Yu turned sullen as he disdainfully snorted, “She’s just a piece of crap! Everywhere she goes, she needs to be served!”

“Is that so?” A surge of viciousness shone bright in Murong Jing’s eyes.

There were only four who could enter Yuntian Academy.

There were three of them, plus He Lian Jin Yu. Just right.

If she could directly oust Feng Chuge out of the game, then there would be no need to worry about anything….

Murong Jing’s eyes flashed intermittently, “Your highness, my name is Murong Jing. In the future, I hope we could take care of each other~”


The night gradually darkened.

Feng Chuge with her maids occupied a room.

The room was spacious enough to accommodate the four of them.

“Miss, I didn’t expect so many people participating in the test this year. I was thinking about it. Sparing He Lian Jin Yu from being driven down his high horse turned out to be so troublesome….” Zilan mused out loud and sighed after having seen the other three participants.

“Rest assured that their strength isn’t comparable to you.” Feng Chuge guaranteed before closed her eyes.

Her probings were accurate. Among the other three, only one of the men was in the mid-level of spiritual cultivation. The remaining two were only in the Ling shi stage. Such kind of strength was just strong enough to meet the requirements of Yuntian Academy.

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