Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Basic Etiquette

He Lian Jin Yu was ecstatic at this conclusion.

He looked up and stared at Feng Chuge, only to see her raising a brow at him, with wry expression on her face.

“Why did the prince say so? How could you have come up with this?”

Feng Chuge shook her head without words. “Third Prince, who gave you the courage to say such statement? I think you really should have a good look at yourself first. After you see yourself, let’s talk about these words again!”

Her dismissal was followed by Zilan, Luzhu and Biluo’s chuckles.

Long before He Lian Jin Yu could finish his self-acclaimed tirade, they almost burst into laughter.


Miss has long taught them of observing basic etiquette.

That’s why they have to choke in their laughter without interrupting He Lian Jin Yu.

Now, hearing their Miss say so again, they were completely unable to bear it and cracked up.

Knowing that he had been laughed at by the maids, He Lian Jin Yu’s face was white and red.

Looking at the sly eyes of Feng Chuge adn the three maids who were bent on their waists, He Lian Jin Yu’s hands were clenched into fists.

In just an instant, his tiny feeling of affection that has just sprouted for Feng Chuge totally disappeared without trace.

He raised his chin up and coldly retorted.

“Feng Chuge, I think it’s you who should look at your own appearance first. Really, how could cats and dogs entere Yuntian Academy? If you fail the exam, don’t cry!!”

With his words fell, he flicked his sleeves and turned around…

Behind him, Zilan who was following He Lian Jin Yu bubbled in laughter even more….

Cry your nose….

When the time comes, who knows who will be crying!


There are bound to be no more than four people in each examination to enter Yuntian Academy.

But this session, in addition to Feng Chuge’s team and He Lian Jin Yu, there were still other three candidates attending….

Two men and a woman.

They were from two other countries, Xi Wu and Jin Yue.

After Feng Chuge’s entourage arrived, almost everyone was gathered together so a slightly blessed old man came forward to meet them.

“This year’s Yuntian Academy is really lively. There have never been more than four people who have come to the entrance test in the past. This time, there are so many candidates, which also means that among you, some will definitely be eliminated.”

His straightforward statement changed some people’s countenance.

Regardless of their reaction, the old man’s gaze swept over the people in front of him.

“Who among you is Feng Chuge?”

Feng Chuge’s brows slightly wrinkled.

How could this old man know her name?

Even though she was bewildered, she still took a step forward. “It’s me.”

The old man stroked his beard and sized up Feng Chuge, who just stood firm.

The old man smiled, “Not bad….”

There was an order from the top, that a woman named Feng Chuge must be treated very well. The reason why, he didn’t know. He only knew that these were from the dean’s own mouth…

Originally, he thought that she was only relying on the back door, but it seems he was mistaken.

The momentum of this woman is really too much! She should be the strongest among this group.

Furthermore…. The only white cat that Feng Chuge was holding close to her heart, didn’t seem ordinary!

These two words “Not Bad” provoked Feng Chuge to raise a brow.

Before that, she had never revealed her name.

How did this old man know?

“I see. You come with me. I have arranged accommodation for you. You will stay there tonight and start the entrance test early in the morning…”

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