Chapter 94

Chapter 94: You don’t hate this prince?

Feng Chuge glanced coldly at the people writhing on the ground.

This medicine will not let people die, but it will make all the parts that made contact with the medicine rot, from the skin to the bone marrow, bit by bit…

Don’t blame her for being heartless.

Feng Chuge knew that if she hasn’t found out this Bandit Inn’s modus operandi, the ones suffering now would be them!!

She scoffed again.

“Let’s go–“

With her order, the three maids trailed behind her.

He Lian Jin Yu pondered for a moment, and eventually, also stepped away from the place.

Feng Chuge just stepped out of the Inn when from a distance, a white mass of white fur flew in her direction.

It sprang up and pounced into Feng Chuge’s arms.

It’s speed was beyond visibility, even Feng Chuge hasn’t much defense and could only hold it directly as it lay in her arms.

Zilan blinked at Meatball.

“Miss, didn’t you leave it at home for Achen to take care of? Why is Meatball here?|

“With such a distance, Meatball could find its way….”

“It’s amazing, isn’t it….”

Three maids exclaimed in astonishment.

Meatball was aware of their surprises so it moved and stood as if on attention….

“Didn’t I leave you to stay with Achen? With you here, wouldn’t Achen be lonely?” Feng Chuge petted Meatball’s smooth fur as she blurted her concern out.

Meatball meowed twice and its watery eyes flashed with blue light.

Achen wasn’t in the residence at all, okay!!

Being left alone in the Feng Residence, now that was lonely and boring!


Every time, the master only cares for that weirdo Achen. She doesn’t care about him at all.

Meatball swung his paws a few times to express his dissatisfaction.

Feng Chuge understood none of Meatball’s laments at all. She just hugged him, “Sine you are here, then go with me to Yuntian Academy….”

“Meow~~” Meatball sang in Feng Chuge’s arms and straightened up, his eyes full of joy.


The carriage continued on its way to Yuntian Academy.

Finally, towards the evening, they’ve arrived at the entrance of the school.

“Miss, we’re here–” Zilan brushed the curtain aside to look outside.

“Yuntian Academy” the golden characters shone bright with the sunset.

Feng Chuge nodded, then got off the carriage.

When she stepped down, He Lian Jin Yu chased from behind.

“Feng Chuge you knew before that the wine that this prince was drinking was poisoned so you deliberately knocked over this prince’s glass?” He Lian Jin Yu said without blinking.

On the way, he had been contemplating on this matter until now.

Feng Chuge’s footsteps slightly faltered.

“What does the third prince want to say?”

“Were you trying to save me? Or that … You don’t hate me at all. All the usual indifferent attitudes you posed on me were pretense?” He Lian Jin Yu has thought long and finally came to this conclusion.

Perhaps, Feng Chuge did not hate him.

The reason why she was so indifferent to him was nothing more than because he had withdrawn from their engagement.

She did it just to leave face for herself.

After all, if her marriage was cancelled and she still faced him with civility, she would appear even more disgraced.

He Lian Jin Yu came up with this idea and the bottom of his eyes couldn’t help but brighten up a bit.

Speaking of him….

He was ranked fifth in the list of the most beautiful men. How could a woman not be tempted by him? Feng Chuge would certainly be!

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