TOCH – Chapter 290

Chapter 290: Wit undone

His voice took for the slower pace, his eyes overflowing with warmth, but as it was shallow and faint, it reflected an abnormal glitter.

Fang Chixia froze in an instant, her clear eyes shrinking, but soon recovered it’s natural clarity.

Raising her eyes to meet his head on at a close range, she declared affirmatively, “I know you won’t.”

“Oh?” Fei Si Nuo was again floored, “The reason behind?”

Fang Chixia straightened up and distanced herself from him. “Back in Nice, I stayed outside of your hotel for so long. If you’ve had the same idea then, you had many chances.”

“The number of times I met with you wasn’t just once or twice. You had the same chances before.”

“For a woman, if a man is despicable, he can come up with a thousand ways to capture her rather than sitting on a gaming table, through a fair competition.”

She paused and again looked him in the eye with confidence, “I know, you won’t bother making use of such tricks!”

For a while, Fei Si Nuo was rendered silent by her claim. Suddenly, he burst into laughter.

“You’re very smart.” Not only did she accurately capture his mentality, she also managed the opportunity to put the high hat on him first, indirectly working around her circumstance.

Fang Chixia just smiled wryly.

“I indeed won’t force a woman! So, you can live with peace of mind. At least for the time being, you’re safe.” Fei Si Nuo smiled thoughtfully, picked up her hand and gently printed a kiss on the back of her hand. “The Chris Castle welcomes you!”

“Thank you.” Fang Chixia finally breathed a sigh of relief, her taut nerves loosening down.

When she chose to leave with him, she actually gambled on her own understanding of him.

It seemed that she won!

Fei Si Nuo led her to his own private territory.

The Chris castle has a long-standing family history. The castle seemed century old and was comparable to those castles ages ago. It was atmospheric, spectacular but at the same time stylish.

When Fei Si Nuo led Fang Chixia into one of the buildings that was probably a private wing, a large group of servants had already arranged themselves on both sides.

Their respect for Fei Si Nuo was without doubt. Their heads were bowed low and they dared not look at him.

Fang Chixia looked sideways at the group of people as she trailed behind Fei Si Nuo.

Upon arriving upstairs, Fei Si Nuo handed her over to another group of maids specially arranged to serve her.

These mades spoke the R language. Even though Fang Chixia wasn’t familiar with it, she could still make out some.

She seemed to have heard everyone calling Fei Si Nuo, Duke!


Fang Chixia was taken aback and looked at him in surprise.

“Have a good rest first. I’m just a room downstairs. If you need anything, just call me or call for a servant.” Fei Si Nuo instructed before leaving.

Fang Chixia stood stock still in the same place for a while, staring in the direction of his departure, before entering the door.

“Miss, let us help you bathe!” A maid standing closest to her inclined to the bathroom respectfully.

“No need. You can all go back. I can do it myself.” Fang Chixia wasn’t looking forward to that so she dismissed them.

“Then, let’s show you around your room first!” Said the maid again.

Thinking that she wouldn’t even know where everything was located, Fang Chixia gave way.

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    1. And that pit is very very deep. The only saving grace is that Chixia is not a tramp and that Fei Si Nuo is a gentleman.
      Thank you for this chapter


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