EP – Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Forgive you this time

“Here’s the thing. The lady has made a bet with the famous host, Pei Ruoxi, on their guests. If she loses, she will leave the TV station. If she wins, Pei Ruoxi would apologize to her on her TV show. This matter has escalated and it is said that the two even signed an agreement. The media coverage about it was also intense.”

Dead girl, she can really make trouble!

“She lost?”

Zhou Tao grinned, “The lady didn’t lose, she won.”

Mu Tianye’s brows slightly loosened.


Fortunately, she did not embarrass him!

Taking in his master’s reaction, Zhou Tao continued, “On the show yesterday, Pei Ruoxi had officially apologized to the lady and said she would cooperate for the column with the lady. Needless to say, there were also many comments from the netizens who think that this was just a hype. Yesterday’s events have been clarified. The lady’s intention was to use her relationship with Li Yichun to invite Liu to the show. It is said that the talk show requires two guests. Now that the time for the program is fast approaching, the lady probably was anxious and decided on Chief Li on the set.”

No wonder, that girl ran around to see that scum Li Yichun in the middle of the night. Recalling yesterday’s Li Yichun and Chief Liu, Mu Tianye’s eyes sharpened.

“Release the information on Huayang Architecture and Yichun Stone in our hands to the media and supervision department. Wait for them to be seized and buy their companies at a low price.”

In an instant, the fate of two companies was determined.

Originally, Mu Tianye was too lazy to swallow these little bugs.

However, since they took the initiative to ask for death, they shouldn’t question him for being ruthless.


Zhou Tao would be busy.

On the table, his mobile phone vibrated.

Mu Tianye glanced at Ning Xiaofei’s call on the screen and reached for the phone.

“Is there something?”

Seeing that he answered the phone, Zhou Tao immediately gently quit the door.

“Why, isn’t it convenient for you to answer the phone?”


“What happened yesterday, I want to apologize to you. So much trouble has been added to your worries, sorry.”

Mu Tianye gently folded the newspaper on the table.

“Right, thank you for letting Sister Liu come over to take care of me. The breakfast was delicious.”

“And then?”

“And then?” Ning Xiaofei paused. “Ah… yes, thank you husband for taking me to bed yesterday.”

“Say the key point.”

Babbling so much just to pave the way. Wasn’t she just going to ask him to the show?

“Key point…” Ning Xiaofei paused again. “Didn’t I already say the key point?”

If this wasn’t a change of means, what else could it be?

Mu Tianye slightly raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you have anything else to ask me?”

“You still have the guts to mention it!” Ning Xiaofei’s tone took the turn to blame, “Why didn’t you wake me up last night, huh? I didn’t see the flowers. I even wanted to take photos to send to my circle of friends!”

“Boring!” Mu Tianye hung up the phone directly, his eyes staying on the it for a while. He lifted his finger into the short message box, searched for the photo taken last night and pressed the send button, “Guess I’m going to forgive you this time!”

When the picture was sent, a knock came at the door so he dropped his phone down.

“Come in.”

This time, the director of the Marketing Department who came in.

The director placed some documents in his hand on Mu Tianye’s desk and smiled.

“Chief Mu, this is the background of the column of Fengyun Media. We all decided that it is a good opportunity for publicity. You can go over the information.”

Mu Tianye held the document and saw the title “Dialogue with God” above. These four words kindled a flash in his eyes.

Wasn’t this that girl’s column?

TLN: That’s all for today, lalalalala, gonna learn the song Rewrite the stars even though I’m so behind…It sounded great 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the update!
    Awe, look at our tsun tsun Mr. Mu, he so eagerly wants to help his wifey but too embarrassed to say it to her 😏

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    1. oh, sorry bout that…All my posts earlier have been a bit messy and have no navigation buttons, will fix that soon. But the recent posts are okay.


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