EP – Chapter 127

Chapter 127: A little sense of human touch.

This man, who never cared about the blizzard, could not help but be shocked by the beauty of nature.

In a moment.

Mu Tianye lifted his mobile phone and took his own shot of the flower very seriously.

For the first time in his life, he took such a picture on his mobile phone that had nothing to do with his work.

Putting away the phone, he turned to the bedroom, bypassing the study which was still lit inside. He walked in to turn off the lights and caught sight of the her gift box on the coffee table. Mu Tianye blinked.

Such a valuable gift. She actually didn’t look at it and instead pulled him to go flower watching?

Stinky girl, funny!



The next day.

Bending down in front of the withered flowers, Ning Xiaofei grimaced.

She finally had such an opportunity and she actually fell asleep. Ning Xiaofei, Ning Xiaofei, you are a pig!

“Hate Mu Tianye. Why didn’t he wake me up?”

She complained in disgruntlement when she heard footsteps in the hallway. She stood up hurriedly and piled up a smile on her face.

“Husband…” Seeing the strange woman who came up the stairs, Ning Xiaofei trailed off in confusion, “Who are you?”

“Young Miss, good morning!” The middle-aged woman respectfully bowed. “My surname is Liu. You can just call me Sister Liu. I’m responsible for taking care of your daily necessities. I don’t know what you prefer so I prepared Chinese breakfast. Are you going to eat upstairs or downstairs? Should I bring it up for you?”

Ning Xiaofei waved her hand in an instant. “Oh, no need. I will go down for breakfast.”

“All right.” Sister Liu smiled. “Then, I’ll help you prepare.”

Ning Xiaofei followed her downstairs, and the girl secretly calculated.

Today was Sunday so she didn’t have to go to work. With her injury, she couldn’t continue finding guests. She’ll just simply rest at home for a day to go over some more information and resume on Monday.

Walking into the dining room and at the sight of the bowl and side dishes on the table, the staple food…. Ning Xiaofei immediately beamed.

Having such a meal upon waking up, she hasn’t enjoyed in such a long time.

WHen she entered, Sister Liu immediately took the bowl and send a spoon of porridge to her mouth, “I had it cooled down. It should be just the right temperature.”

Ning Xiaofei took over the spoon with her left hand, “I can eat by myself.”

If she let a servant feed such a grown up lady like herself, she’d be embarrassed.

“You have an injury on your hand, is it really okay?”

Sister Liu looked worriedly at her. The young master has told her clearly that Ning Xiaofei has injured hands and she must take good care of her.

“No problem.” “Ning Xiaofei took a sip of porridge and grabbed a fork and forked a vegetable dish to her mouth, “Isn’t this all right?

Sister Liu was relieved. “Then you eat, I am going to clean up the room.”

“Sister Liu!” Ning Xiaofei turned to face her. “Did Assistant Zhou let you come?”

“It is the young master who let me come.”

Young master?

Mu Tianye? !

Ning Xiaofei stopped chewing.

“Is there anything else?”

“Oh… No, go ahead!”

Sister Liu went out to clean up the room. Ning Xiaofei looked at the hearty breakfast in front of her eyes and Mu Tianye’s face flashed in front of her eyes.

This Mu Tianye, did a little sense of human touch finally sprouted from his heart?



Mu’s Office Building.

Zhou Tao placed the documents in his hand together with several newspaper clippings and placed it on Mu Tianye’s desk.

“These are some information on the Dialogue with God and some news clippings about the lady.” He added.

News clippings?

The little girl has still made it on the news?!

Mu Tianye took over the info, “What news?”

TLN: Hehehe, she did made it on the news 🙂

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