EP – Chapter 126

Chapter 126: The blooming of a flower

Mu Tianye scoffed at her. He just pulled back his arm and wanted to go away.

“Don’t go, this is a rare opportunity!” Ning Xiaofei hugged his arm. “When I was young, my mother also raised this flower. Every time it was about to blossom, she said that I have to wait to see it open. Every time I waited, I fell asleep in my mother’s arms… I finally waited for 20 years before I saw it blossom. Have you seen it before?”

“No.” Mu Tianye responded unkindly. “Let go!”

“Then you have to thank me very well!” Ning Xiaofei held his arm tighter, and the girl smugly raised her grinning lips. “If I didn’t call you, you would never see it. I tell you, this flower will only open for four hours. If you miss it this year, you’ll only have to wait for next year to see it…”

The moment her eyes fell on the flower, she blurted out her childhood, and then naturally talked about her mother. From time to time, she excitedly shook his arm and let him see that the flower was blooming bigger…

Mu Tianye was initially frowning impatiently, then quieted down and followed her to watch the flower.

Speaking of which, it was also the first time he had focused on the blooming of a flower.

The little girl was clearly tired sitting, and, with that, her head gradually rested on his shoulder.

“I remember that this flower opens in summer. It’s so rare to see it bloom before May the 1st…You see… This flower is just like life.. Life is short…” She opened her mouth and yawned. “Why do you say people grow old and only focused on the troubles in their lives, ah…. Look at me, I’m still happy even when I’m laden with worries every day… I want to take photos after the flower is in full bloom for remembrance…. Oh, my mobile phone…”

After patting her pocket for her phone, she looked at him sideways.

“Husband, can I borrow your mobile phone?!”

Such an opportunity, she did not want to miss a minute.

Mu Tianye scowled.

She stretched out her hand and searched his pockets.

“Don’t be stingy. Let me just borrow it!”

Seeing her palm wrapped in gauze, Mu Tianye frowned and grabbed her wrist and gave her his phone. She reached out and grabbed it.

At first, she sighed in wonder for each stretched of petal.

Gradually, her voice softened down a little bit and then quieted down.

Mu Tianye listened to her voice and his attention was gradually drawn by the flowers. Looking at the delicate petals slowly stretching, the irritability in his heart seeped away little by little, leaving only peace.


A mobile phone fell down and smashed on the floor.

Mu Tianye turned his face in confusion, only to see Ning Xiaofei holding his arm with one hand, her head resting on his arm, and sliding down little by little.

Let him watch the flowers while she fell asleep!

Mu Tianye had a good moment of speechlessness.

Lifting a hand to block her head which was about to bump into the small blooming flower, he raised his brows and pushed her head away. The little girl’s body swayed in the direction of the green plant. He frowned and held onto her shoulder, which then jerked her towards him and fell onto his chest.


Mu Tianye gnashed his teeth. He lifted his hand to arrange her shoulders so he could carry her then heard the little girl whispering.

“Mom, has the flowers bloomed yet?”

The man scowled yet again.

He has investigated her background. Of course, he got to know of her past and also her mother’s affairs. He even knew that they were depended on each other while she was growing up. He faced the flowers that haven’t fully bloomed yet and strode towards the bedroom to send her in.

Recalling his phone, he went back.

The moment he raised his face, he saw the flashing petals on a flower stem.

Under the light, the petals were like jade stones carved through magic, crystal clear, purely astounding.



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