EP – Chapter 125

Chapter 125: You are not naive, you are mature

Mu Tianye’s voice was too deep. There wasn’t a hint of his usual firm and domineering tone. In the dimly lit room, his voice….

Sounded a bit lonely.

Ning Xiaofei stepped over and stood in front of him.

The man raised his hand to extinguish the rest of the smoke in the ashtray. He lifted his hand up, pinched her trousers, unbuttoned her jeans and pulled the zipper down.

All of Ning Xiaofei’s body hair were pricked up, but the man’s fingers were retracted at once.

“Go to sleep, don’t bother me!”

She could here the impatience and a bit of exhaustion in his command.

Now, even her good intentions were misunderstood!

Ning Xiaofei huffed out of the study, walked a few steps and stopped. She turned around and faced the open door of the study.

In the dim room, the figure of the man seemed surreal.

This guy’s not going spend another night smoking, was he?

What the hell, it is none of her business whatever he’s up to!

Her heart screamed so, but the girl stood motionless.

Anyway, today he has helped her a lot. A man couldn’t have no conscience.

Her eyes swept over the terrace ornaments and landed on a small green plant. Her eyes brightened and she immediately walked forward. With two arms sandwiching the small pot, she reentered the study and again stood in front of Mu Tianye.

“This is for you.”

Mu Tianye squinted at what she was holding in her arms.

“What do you mean?”

“Treat this tree as a confidante!” Ning Xiaofe squatted down and placed the green plant in front of him. “When I was young, whenever I was unhappy and didn’t want others to know, I’d quietly share my secrets to my raised plants. Plants don’t speak. They certainly won’t sell you out!”

Mu Tianye was speechless.


“All right. You’re not naive. You’re mature.” Ning Xiaofei retorted and stomped out of the study. “Whatever, then I will leave you alone!”

In the darkness, Mu Tianye took another cigarette and lit it on his lips. Before he could puff the smoke out, he heard the little girl screaming in the corridor.

“Husband, come… come on!”

Listening to her excitement, Mu Tianye only thought there was something wrong. He got up and rushed out of the study just to see the little girl standing in the hallway holding the pot. At the sight of him, she excitedly jumped over. She hooked his arm and pulled him in front of the flower pot in the corridor.


Mu Tianye frowned and looked down. He saw the small green plant in front of him, with a white jade flower slowly blooming.

He suddenly raised his eyebrows in displeasure.

“What a fuss!”

It was just a flower. What’s so good to look at!

“Do you know what kind of flower this is?” Ning Xiaofei returned and glared at him. “I heard that this is named after an idiom, short-lived. This is a time-lapse flower/Epiphyllum. Do you know it’s very rare to see it bloom?”


Mu Tianye took a serious look at the plant in front of him.

“It’s still blooming.” Ning Xiaofei cried excitedly and stared with him at the slowly blooming flower. Hearing nothing of the man’s reaction, she gently nudged his side rib with her elbow, “Did you see it? The petals are opening again…. Look carefully!”

Ning Xiaofei was extremely excited when seeing a legendary thing for the first time in her life.

“When I moved it over, I noticed it. I saw it grow buds. I have been waiting for it to bloom. I wondered why it hasn’t opened these few days. I just saw it blossoming at a glance. I thought that this might be the Epiphyllum. No wonder it looked so familiar.”

She was tired so she simply sat on. With a pull, Mu Tianye, who as caught unprepared was alos pulled down to the floor.

When he was about to chew her out, his ears were stuffed with the girl’s scream of excitement once more.

“Look, look, the petals have stretched a little. Did you see?”

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