TOCH – Chapter 289

Chapter 289: It was her heart that you lost.

“Stand still!” Luo Yibei roared at the sight of the two leaving.

Fang Chixia’s back was ramrod straight. She never turned back her head and continued moving forward. Not only did she not stop, she even accelerated her footsteps.

She left Fei Si Nuo’s arms and first disembarked from the ship.

Fei Si Nuo didn’t immediately follow her and stopped by the door instead.

He turned sideways and looked at Luo Yibei behind him. He stared back at him and after a few seconds faintly left some words behind, “In truth, you already lost before this game could even start. It’s her heart that you’ve lost.”

His meaning was quite impactful!

With that understatement, he turned and proceeded to disembark.

His words of wisdom, how could Luo Yibei not understand.

No matter how much confidence he had that he would win, the moment he promised to use Fang Chixia as a bargaining chip, he has already lost her trust….

Luo Yibei sat stiffly in the same position, his face drooping at a forty-five degree angle. He did not know how many hours had passed. He remained in the same position until the sea was all quiet.

It was already deep into the night.

Fang Chixia got on the bus with Fei Si Nuo. He didn’t take hr back to the hotel. Instead, he returned to the mansion of the Chris family in R country.

This was Fang Chixia’s first visit to the mansion. It’s layout was not much worse than the Luo’s residence. It was majestic and the 10 minutes it took for them to traverse across it, she has not seen a soul in the huge garden.

“You’ve surprised me tonight,” Fei Si Nuo opened a conversation as they walked.

“Did I?” Fang Chixia has been absent-minded since she has left the ship.

“What prompted this proposal?” They’ve been walking for a while so Fei Si Nuo spoke once more.

“I just don’t want to be pushed around as a bargaining chip.” Fang Chixia answered quite honestly.

She has struggled before deciding on this action.

Although it wasn’t the best result she has wanted, it was better dignified compared to being wagered on and letting others decide her own destiny.

At least for tonight’s proposal, the decision was in her hands. This was the choice she has made!

Fei Si Nuo hasn’t expected such straightforward answer. He stopped on his tracks and looked at her.

He was tempted to ask, “Do you know what might result from your decision?”

What he was hinting at, Fang Chixia naturally understood.

He was suggesting the possibility of what might happen between them.

The expression on Fang Chixia’s face froze for a second, but didn’t last long and was restored to its natural form.

Raising her head, she answered, “What kind of woman does Mr. Fei Si Nuo want? Does the young master of the Chris Family need to force a young foreign student to be in disgrace?”

Not a bit of tension could be perceived from her stand as she retorted tit for tat.

Fei Si Nuo has always given her a strange feeling.

However, she believed that, whether with his identity and status, or his own external power, if he really needed a woman, with just a snap of his finger, a huge wave of women would take the initiative to deliver themselves at his door. There was no need to employ such despicable means.

He would have disdained doing so.

Fei Si Nuo was once again caught off guard with her retort. After a while, a long arm wrapped around her. He looked down at her and his enchanting face slowly lowered down, “And if I want to, would like it that way?”

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