Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Feng Chuge, what the hell are you doing?

The group of men eyed Feng Chuge who has obviously taken part in consuming the dishes on the table, and was startled to see her still maintaining the same nonchalance.

That medicine was quite powerful. There was no reason why they were still all right at all!

The table full of dishes has been polished clean.

Feng Chuge beckoned the server again, and her order changed the entire hall. “Waiter, two of your signature dishes please.”

The waiter and the group of ruffians looked at each other and concluded that the medicine didn’t work out.

When the food was served again, the dose was increased drastically.

He Lian Jin Yu sat across Feng Chuge.

His eyes narrowed watchfully on the other side as he looked on at Feng Chuge.

“Miss, the third prince has not noticed anything and but he hasn’t moved his chopsticks yet.” Zilan observed quietly.

“What does it have to do with me? Just mind our own food.” Feng Chuge replied and sprinkled some powders once more.

Not only them, the waiter has also noticed He Lian Jin Yu.

“Young man, isn’t the dish to your taste?”

He Lian Jin Yu snorted.

He leaned back on his chair and crossed his arms on his chest, “Watching some people eat makes me full.”

“Miss, he’s talking about us!”

Feng Chuge raised a quizzical brow, “Whether he likes to eat or not, whether it’s pleasing to his eyes or not, we didn’t ask him to look over here.”

“Well, Miss is right.”

Feng Chuge’s indifference only worsened He Lian Jin Yu’s disdain.

The waiter’s face also stiffened, but he quickly recovered his smile, “Young man, have a taste of this wine. This is one of the best my daughter has made. I guarantee that you wouldn’t taste it anywhere else.”

At this moment, He Lian Jin Yu’s anger has piled up to the sky.

It was only now that he finally realized that Feng Chuge equally doesn’t put him in her eyes.

Before, he only thought that Feng Chuge’s disdain towards him was just a trick to catch his attention.

But after a long time, he finally realized that this wasn’t the case.

Irritation pricked at his heart.

He poured himself a glass of wine and tried to down it in one go.

The waiter watched He Lian Jin Yu and the curvature on his lips deepened even more strangely.

But the moment the rim of the glass touched He Lian Jin Yu’s mouth, a stone flying out of nowhere suddenly broke his glass.

The “crack” – was particularly crisp throughout the hall.

Xiao Er and the group of ruffians who were poised to grin had dim faces in an instant…

He Lian Jin Yu glowered in Feng Chuge’s direction.

Of course, he knew that Feng Chuge was the culprit.

Ignoring his glare, Feng Chuge stood up from her chair and clapped her hands. “Today’s dish is not bad. I really didn’t expect such delicious dish in a remote place.”

“Miss, why did you save him?” Someone behind came forward and asked in bafflement.

Feng Chuge sang with a grin, “What to say, we will be traveling on the same road together. If he falls in the hands of this bandit’s inn, we have to come back to save him. Troublesome –“

The maid behind looked at her and couldn’t help chuckling.

They can’t let He Lian Jin Yu fall here. His arrogance was reserved somewhere.

Feng Chuge’s actions fell directly on He Lian Jin Yu’s eyes and concluded that she was intentional.

He couldn’t stomach the anger any longer.

“Feng Chuge, what the hell are you doing?”

Feng Chuge just raised a brow, “Hurry up… If you dawdle behind, it’s estimated that we’ll arrive at night.”

With that, Feng Chuge led her maids to the door and went out.

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