Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Bandit’s Inn

Feng Chuge kept leaning on the side, but both her eyes narrowed. The unfathomable depth in her eyes however sharpened and at the end of Zilan’s insinuation, her lips formed a thin line as she looked up. –

“No more nonsense or I’ll throw you out of the carriage.”

Zilan pouted but couldn’t help snorting back at Feng Chuge, “If you don’t let me say it, then don’t say it.”

With that, she turned to her side and looked askance at Biluo and Luzhu, “You say, did I say it right?”

Biluo and Luzhu exchanged glances and nodded –

Feng Chuge’s lips twitched uncontrollably.

It seems that these three were too idle. She really has to find something for them to do.

Yuntian Academy was a half-day drive from Tianqi.

At about noon, the carriage stopped at a inn.

At this time of the day, they were at the outskirts of Tianqi, which was sparsely populated.

This inn was the only one there was within a 10-mile radius.

Both carriages stopped. He Lian Jin Yu and Feng Chuge entered the inn one after the other.

There were just a number of people scattered inside the inn.

With Feng Chuge’s entry, the slightly noisy inn came to a moment of silence.

Almost everyone looked at the entrance hall to the inn…

Watching two people who came in one after the other, the people present only sighed for having the best of luck today to have such feasts for the eyes.

Feng Chuge searched for a window seat and took a seat.

Just after they have sat around, all four discovered that they were given such fiery glances.

There eyes swept around the room and found a few rough men with long beards sitting on another table.

Those men constantly swept glances at Feng Chuge and He Lian Jin Yu.

He Lian Jin Yu was garbed in a cyan robe made out of with fine satin material. The edges were inlaid with golden threads. Just a glance showed that he was expensive.

Feng Chuge, a pedestrian, was also of considerable temperament. She wasn’t an ordinary woman at first glance.

The men exchanged glances a few times and each had a sneak peek of joy in each other’s eyes.

They have been here for so long, but have not encountered such a big fish for a long time!

Today, they’re sure to have a bumper harvest!

There server soon served drinks and their signature dishes.

Feng Chuge took a sip of wine, but smelled an unusual breath.

Her eyes narrowed as she drummed her pale fingers on the wine of glass in her hand.

Simultaneously, Zilan also perceived the oddity in the jug of wine —

“Miss, we’ve broke into a Bandit’s Inn.” Zilan whispered close to Feng Chuge.

“En…” Feng Chuge nodded indifferently.

“Then shall we go straight away, or just kill them off by surprise?”

“How many times have I told you that we are civilized people. Everything should be resolved in a peaceful manner. Don’t just think about fighting and killing everyday.” Feng Chuge admonished as she fished out a bottle in her sleeves. She shook the bottle and sprinkled some powder into the jug.”

“Drink now, it’s all right. This won’t work if you haven’t ingested it for some time. It’s not good to continue on the road with an empty stomach.”

With that, she lifted her glass of wine and continued drinking —

The three maids were assured and didn’t hesitate to lift their chopsticks.

The inn’s staff and the men at the table watched everything and couldn’t help but be surprised.

Although the location was remote, the dishes were not bad.

In a while, the dishes on the table were almost consumed by them.

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