EP – Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Why it is so hard to coax

“Don’t mention her!”

“Tianye, you are no longer a child. You should let go of the past. She….”

“I said don’t mention her!” Mu Tianye stood up and his tone has already gone cold. “If Grandpa is coming to see me, I’ll welcome you. If you come as her lobbyist, better stay far away!”

Ning Xiaofei put away his coat and tidied herself in front of the mirror before making her way downstairs again.

Hearing Mu Tianye’s roar, she rushed down. Not knowing the cause, she dared not calm him down and just frowned and stood in place.

The old man’s gaze took in Mu Tianye, who was now boiling in anger and a flash of distress crossed his eyes. He slowly stood up from the sofa and walked forward. He lifted his wrinkled palm and patted him on his shoulder, then turned a brittle smile to Ning Xiaofei.

“I don’t know what young people like so Grandpa just brought you some trinkets. I hope you like it!”

The assistant had already held the paper bag on the side of the coffee table with both hands and sent it to Ning Xiaofei.

Ning Xiaofei waved her hands immediately, “You are an elder. I should be the one going to see you. This gift, I… I can’t accept this!”

No kidding. Just looking at the paper bag showed that it must be an extremely expensive jewelry. Such a huge box would definitely be worth a fortune. Where would she get the guts to accept it?

Their marriage was just a business deal. Ning Xiaofei was well aware of her standing and naturally wouldn’t dare assume Mrs. Mu’s role.

Grandpa Mu reached for the paper bag and personally handed it to her.

“If you don’t accept it, Grandpa would take it that you despise it!”

“This…” Ning Xiaofei looked askance at Mu Tianye. The other has somehow calmed down, but ignored her. Considering the old man’s gesture, it wasn’t polite to refuse again so she accepted it with both hands. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“Okay, it’s not early. You better go rest early.”

Grandpa Mu nodded at Ning Xiaofei before heading for the door.

Noticing that Mu Tianye wasn’t doing anything, Ning Xiaofei placed the gift down and hurried after them. She sent the old man and his assistant all the way to the elevator then went back to the apartment.

Mu Tianye has alread disappeared beside the sofa and was nowhere in sight.

Looking at the gift box on the sofa, Ning Xiaofei went to take it up and carried it upstairs. There was no one in the master bedroom. She went to the study room and quietly peeked at the door to see if he was there.

There was a dim light in the study, and a figure was visible on the sofa against the wall. A little red light flickered as the smell of cigarette permeated around the study.

She didn’t have the guts to disturb him so she tiptoed to withdraw.

“What’s up!”

The man’s voice suddenly came out of the study.

Ning Xiaofei had to walk in with the gift box and didn’t dare to turn on the light. She just put the gift box on the coffee table on his side guided by the shimmering light coming in from outside.

“Keep this with you… It’s too expensive.”

Mu Tianye made no response, but slowly blew a dense cloud of smoke.

When she has gone upstairs, the grandpa and grandson were still in good terms. Something unspeakable must have happened so he lost his temper.

The dim light offered no clear view of his expression, but Ning Xiaofei could still sense his bad mood.

The man made no sound, but she remained in place. She stood there, and thinking that even if she was embarrassed to death, she must work hard to enliven the atmosphere.

“Right, husband, are you hungry, should I make food for you?”

“Do you need me to pour you a glass of water to drink?

“Or … should I tell you a joke?”

No matter what she said, the man remained silent.

Ning Xiaofei was being driven mad.

Really, why is it so difficult to coax!

If it weren’t for his help this evening, she wouldn’t care a bit about him!

She was on the brink of giving up and decided to leave this man alone when he whispered softly.

“Come here.”


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