EP – Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Pre…. Pregnant?

Was he planning to come in too?

Mu Tianye led Ning Xiaofei in, locked the door with a hand, and the man walked over to open the door of a cubicle.

“Go in!”

Ning Xiaofei frowned and shrank back. He was not too hungry to eat, right?

This was a public space of the hospital. Although it was night time, but in case someone…

Women are really troublesome!

Mu Tianye turned around and grabbed her waist with both hands. He held her into the cubicle, raised her shirt with one hand, and pinched the button of her jeans with the other.

Ning Xiaofei was flustered. This was too much for a grown monkey, right?

“You’re out of your mind!

Her words weren’t done when her pants were pushed down, then the man retreated and closed the door.

Ning Xiaofei stared at the closed door in front of her and then down at her pants which were drawn to her knees.


What does this mean?


Outside the cubicle, the man’s impatient voice urged.


Ning Xiaofei finally snapped back to her senses. It was actually her who was overthinking. He was actually just trying to help her into the toilet.

Stretching her uninjured left hand, she tried to latch the door. She struggled to pulled it up for a considerable time, but made no progress. All right, the hospital’s bathroom utilization rate was too high, but the bolt was broken.

“You… you wait outside for me.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, hurry up!”

Did she want him to come in again to help her pull up her pants?

If he were to be seen by others, such a big man in a women’s toilet, his face would be lost.



Ning Xiaofei only wanted to throw him a punch. With a grown man outside, how would she let it out?

“I can’t pee when you’re here!”

Mu Tianye scowled. He turned and went to a distance then opened the faucet on the sink.

This call of nature was really urgent. Ning Xiaofei could no longer bear it so she could tried not to care much. She solved it quickly and afterwards, ignoring the injury on her hand, she endured trying to put on her pants.

The more urgent she pulled, the more chaotic it became. The zipper of her jeans suddenly got stuck and couldn’t move at all.

While fighting with the zipper, the cubicle door was opened my Mu Tianye. Ning Xiaofei hurriedly pulled down her shirt and could only blush, averting her gaze from the man’s stare.

“Go…. Let’s go!”

For the first time in her life in front of a man, she only wished to leave this place where everything seemed to go from right and wrong.

Mu Tianye stood still at the small space. His hand stretch over to fix her shirt.

“The zipper is stuck!”

She reached down to pull the shirt down, but as blocked by his palm.


With this hoarse scolding, Mu Tianye bent down.

Looking at the man in front of her, she felt his fingers seemingly brushing against her skin, and Ning Xiaofei’s little heart suddenly skipped a beat.

The zipper was holding on with the jaws of life and before Mu Tianye could tug it free, the heard the door lock clicking followed by a soft bang. The hospital’s cleaning lady has come visiting.

“Who’s so annoying, to even lock the door!”

The picture that crossed her sight was Mu Tianye squatting down by the door while tossing the zipper on Ning Xiaofei’s jeans. All the dissatisfaction on the cleaning lady’s mouth came to an abrupt end with a scream.

At that moment, Ning Xiaofei only thought of finding a sewer to drill into.

“What’s going on?”

“What’s the matter?”

The medical staff in the corridor heard her scream and ran over curiously.

At the same moment, Mu Tianye finally pulled up Ning Xiaofei’s zipper, hooked her button, and raised his hand to shield Ning Xiaofei, who was beet red in embarrassment. On their way out, the man looked around.

“What are you looking at. My wife’s pregnant. Can’t I take her to the bathroom?”

Preg…. Pregnan?

Ning Xiaofei’s lips twitched.

Mr. Mu, you are truly brilliant!

TLN: Just this for today. Too tired….. Tomorrow again 🙂

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